Parks and Sportsgrounds Maintenance

Brush Farm Park Amenities

Submit an online request

Submit a request for mowing of a park or sportsground

Report damaged equipment at a Community Park

Submit a request for cleaning of public toilets within a park

Alternatively, you can download and complete the Sportsground Maintenance(PDF, 47KB) form and email it to

Report faulty training lights after hours

An on-call after hours Council Officer will be available between 5pm - 10pm to respond to your request. Please phone 9952 8222.

Maintenance Schedule for Parks

Council maintains its passive recreation park areas on a three to four weekly cycle (weather permitting).

Maintenance activities include mowing, removal of weeds, maintaining garden beds, removal of litter, maintaining park trees together with inspections and maintenance of park structures, furniture and other equipment such as bubblers and barbecues.