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Library Facilities

Free WiFi

Free wireless internet access is available at all five libraries. You can connect through your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  1. View the available network connections on your laptop or other device. 
  2. Select ‘City of Ryde Library’ 
  3. Read and accept the conditions of use

Internet and Email through Library Computers

Internet facilities are available at all the Ryde libraries and are completely free of charge. You are welcome to use the internet for both recreation and research purposes and all you require is a valid Library card.  Access can be made available, within specific guidelines, for non-registered visitors. This access is always at the Librarian's discretion.

Access has been removed for certain restricted sites. This includes all adult-oriented sites, gaming, newsgroups, chat rooms, and sites deemed offensive by the Australian Film and Classification Board. Every now and then a site may get past the filters set in place, so we welcome your vigilance in directing us to these instances.

Bookings for the computers are highly recommended and can be made up to one week in advance. You can book a computer for up to two hours per day. You can book in person or by phone by contacting the relevant Library. A quick access computer is available for 30 minute intervals and cannot be booked in advance.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are available during opening hours at Ryde Library and West Ryde Library. 

Pope and Devlin Rooms Ryde Library
  • These rooms are available free for library members for up to 2 hours/day.
  • Bookings  may be made by phone or in person up to one week in advance for groups of 3 -10 persons.
  • These rooms are available for individual study between bookings.
  • These rooms may not be used for any commercial purposes including private tutoring.

Please note that these rooms are not soundproof , the final booking of the day ends 10 minutes before closing time and if you are more than 10 minutes late for your booking it may be cancelled and made available to other users.

Wallumetta Room Ryde Library and West Ryde Library Meeting Room
  • These rooms seat up to 40 people and are used for activities and events provided by the library.
  • These rooms may occasionally be available for free use by not-for-profit community groups and Council sponsored events that are compatible with the Library’s educational role. These rooms may not be used for any commercial purposes including private tutoring
  • Requests to book this room need to be made a minimum of one week in advance.
  • A minimum of 8 persons for a meeting is required to book these rooms.
  • When not booked these rooms are available as a shared space for quiet individual study.

Please contact staff for information on bookings and availability 

Photocopying and Printing

Photocopying and printing facilities are available at all Ryde libraries. 
Your Ryde Library Service membership card is required for photocopying as there are no coin operated photocopiers. Credit can be added to your Library card through machines located near the photocopiers. Copying charges are automatically debited from the stored value on your card. 
For printing costs, see the Library Fees and Charges page.

Printing remotely is available and print jobs can be released at the printer at any of our library branches using Web Print. Please note only certain file formats are supported and file size limits apply. Access Web Print.


Scanning facilities are available at all Ryde libraries. Scans can be made in colour and saved onto a USB drive. Instructions for use are available on the scanners. 
Bookings need to be made on the computer with the scanner. You can book up to 1 hour at a time, for a maximum 2 hours per day.

Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

All PCs have Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Excel 2010 and Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 and are available at all Ryde libraries. Information may be saved using a USB device.

The Hive Digital Media Lab

The Hive Digital Media Lab is a new Library service for the community to access software on Mac’s and PC’s for creative projects and its free to Library members.
Offering individually bookable iMacs and PC’s, The Hive provides creative and industry standard software for design, 3D modelling, web and app development and image, audio and video editing software.
The Hive will benefit students, hobbyists, small business, job seekers and creative enthusiasts.
Library members will now be able to work on an array of creative projects including web pages, business cards and editing music, film and photos without having to pay the high costs of software licences. 
Opening at West Ryde Library February 2019. Click here for more information.

Last updated on 19 March 2020