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Guide to Council Meetings

Meeting Procedure

At committee meetings such as the Planning and Environment and Works and Community Committee meetings, reports from Council officers are submitted with a recommendation for the consideration of the Committee members. These are included in the agenda, which is available on the Friday prior to the meeting.

Depending on the nature of the issue, the Committee may have delegated authority to make resolutions, which can be acted upon immediately.

If the Committee does not have the appropriate delegated authority, it will make a recommendation to be considered at the next Council meeting. The Council will then make a resolution which can be acted upon immediately. Resolutions of Committee and Council meetings are recorded in the minutes, which are available in the week following the meeting.

Note that any resolution, whether resulting from a Committee or Council meeting, is able to be rescinded. A resolution may be rescinded by Council at any time (subject to the nature of the resolution and matter, and the degree to which it as been acted upon) as a result of Council passing a Notice of Motion to that effect. These will be listed as a Notice of Rescission in the Council Agenda.

Meetings are governed by a Code of Meeting Practice which outlines rules for attendance, submissions of business items and Notices of Motion, debate and declarations of interest.

If you are concerned that a resolution that you are interested in may have been or is subject to possible rescission, please contact Council's Governance Unit on 9952 8222.

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The Council welcomes public input at committee and council meetings. See the guidelines for participating in meetings

Last updated on 12 December 2016