Guide to Council Meetings

Meeting Procedure

Resolutions from Council meetings are recorded in the Minutes, which are available no later than the Friday following the meeting.

Note that any resolution resulting from a Council meeting is able to be rescinded. A resolution may be rescinded by Council at any time (subject to the nature of the resolution and matter, and the degree to which it has been acted upon) as a result of Council passing a Notice of Motion to that effect. These will be listed as a Notice of Rescission in the Council Agenda.

Meetings are governed by a Code of Meeting Practice(PDF, 574KB) which outlines rules for attendance, submission of business items and Notices of Motion, debate and declarations on interest.

If you are concerned that a resolution that you are interested in may have been or is subject to possible rescission, please contact Council’s Civic Services Unit on 9952 8200.

Written submissions from the Public at Meetings Guidelines

To assist the decision-making process, Council has provided the opportunity to members of the public to provide written submissions to Council.

Written submissions can be completed and submitted online, by email, post or in person. Members of the public are required to register their written submission by midday on the day of the meeting.

Please note that there will be no opportunity for speakers to address Council or Committee of Council meetings in person. Written submissions only will be accepted.

Privacy Note

Please be aware that:

  • Council and Committee of Council meetings are webcast; and
  • Your personal information is collected for Council purposes and handled in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.  It may be available to the public under various legislation including the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.

For further information please phone Civic Services on 9952 8200.

Webcasting of meetings

City of Ryde Council Meetings are webcast live on the page relating to the meeting. This online library of Council’s webcast meetings are maintained as a history of the operation of the Council, in accordance with Council’s Code of Meeting Practice(PDF, 574KB). The webcasts are viewable for a period of one year on Council’s website.

Council accepts no responsibility for any defamatory or offensive statements transmitted in the course of webcasting its meetings. A fault in the technology or an inability to webcast a meeting will not invalidate decisions from the meeting.

Find out more

The Council welcomes public input at Council meetings. See the Written submissions from public at meetings FAQs page.