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Library Membership

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During our library closure, our service has been extended to allow newly joined online members to access our large range of electronic collections for both adults and children. To access these collections, use your assigned temporary barcode and nominated password.

Joining the Library

It has never been easier to become a library member! Membership is free and available for all NSW residents. You can sign up in one of two ways:

When registering online you will be given a temporary membership number that allows you to reserve up to 4 items from our online catalogue and to book a library meeting room. It cannot be used to access our online resources and will expire after a week.

Visit a City of Ryde Library and bring proof of identification that includes your photo, name and address to validate your library membership. You will then receive your new library card and gain access to our full range of services.

Those under 16 years of age will require a parent or guardian to sign on their behalf and bring identification of their own as well as proof of legal guardianship.

Valid identification must be up-to-date. Digital or electronic versions of identification are accepted. Photo proof of identification will be accepted as long as it is clearly legible. Hand-written information will not be accepted.

Below is a list of accepted forms of identification. You will need to bring only one of each type as proof – for example, a passport and a rates notice.

Photo Identification
  • State issued identification (driver’s licence, photo card, etc.)
  • Passport
  • Student ID
Guardian Identification
  • Medicare card
  • Family insurance card
  • Adoption/fostering papers
  • Exchange student agency letter
Address Identification
  • State issued identification (driver’s licence, photo card, etc.)
  • Rates notice
  • Utility account (water, electricity, gas, phone, etc.)
  • Bank or credit card statement
  • Pension card
  • Student transport card
  • Any other official documentation with current residential address

Borrowing and Renewing

You can:

  • Borrow up to a total of 35 items on one library card
  • Borrow and return at any City of Ryde Library (exceptions apply)

You must bring your library card with you to borrow.

Renewing items can be done online via our catalogue, by phone or by emailing us at and telling us your library card number and the items that you want to renew.

Renewals cannot be given if there are reservations currently on the item, if the item has incurred overdue fines, or if you have exceeded the renewal limit allowed for the item.

Collection Loan Period Loan Limit Loan Renewals
Books 3 weeks None (as long as total borrowed items is 35 or less) 2 renewals
DVDs (TV Series) 3 weeks
Talking Books 3 weeks
CDs 3 weeks
Graphic Novels 3 weeks
Kids Magazines 3 weeks
DVDs (Movies) 1 week
Magazines 1 week


We also have special collections that have their own specific loan limits and renewal restrictions.

Collection Loan Period Loan Limit Renewals
Fast Reads 1 week 3 No renewals
HSC 1 week 8 No renewals
Book Club Kits 6 weeks 3 Conditional
Languages other than English (LOTE) 3 weeks 8 2 renewals
Inter-Library Loan 2 weeks 8 Conditional
Toys* 3 weeks 3 1 renewal
Science kits* 3 weeks 3 1 renewal

* Toys and Science Kits can only be returned to the branch from where they were borrowed.


Reservations can be placed on items that are currently:

  • On loan
  • On order
  • Available on the shelf.

Reservations cannot be placed on Toys, Science Kits or Fast Reads.

Placing reservations is a free service to library members and you can have 10 active reservations at any one time. You can reserve items from any of our five City of Ryde Libraries and have them sent to be picked up at any of our five City of Ryde Libraries as well.

You can make a reservation online via our catalogue or by phone.

  • Call any City of Ryde Library during opening hours
  • Have your library card number ready
  • Have the details (title, author, etc.) of the item you want to reserve
  • Choose your preferred pick up location.
  • Go to our online catalogue and log into your account
  • Search for the items you want to reserve, and then check the box next to each title. You can reserve multiple items on the same page
  • Click on “Options” on the top grey bar and choose “Reserve Selections”
  • Select your preferred pickup location. Change locations by clicking the “Change Location” button and choose from the dropdown list
  • All other details are optional and do not need to be completed
  • Click “Continue”.

You will receive a reservation notice through email or the post to inform you that it is ready to pick up. Mailed notices will take a few days to get to you, so we suggest that all customers provide us with an active email (if possible) to receive faster notifications.

Reservations are kept for 10 days including weekends from the day they are allocated to you, after which they will expire.

Last updated on 13 July 2020