Looking after your Bicycle

Always carry pump, tyre levers, spare tube, tube patch kit and water bottle. 

Regularly check your tyre pressure, quick release skewers, brakes and bearings. Maintenance is important. If you don't feel confident working on your bike, take it to a good cycle shop for servicing. 

Clean your drive chain regularly and then apply a lubricant according to the instructions. Wipe off the excess, because excess lube attracts dirt.

Replacing your tube after a flat tyre

  1. Loosen quick release lever or axle nuts (as appropriate)
  2. Remove wheel from the bike frame
  3. Remove one tyre bead from the rim, use tyre levers if necessary
  4. Extract the tube from under the tyre
  5. Try to identify what caused the flat - find the hole and search for sharp items still within the tyre (These will cause another puncture if you leave them)
  6. Repair the tube with a tyre patch, or use a new tube
  7. Slightly inflate the tube and place inside the tyre
  8. Place valve through hole in rim
  9. Patiently work the bead back onto the rim gradually moving around. Deflate the tube a little if necessary. Avoid using tyre levers if possible
  10. Partially Inflate. Check tyre is seated in the rim & valve is straight. Deflate & reseat the tyre if necessary
  11. Inflate to full pressure and fit wheel to bike.

Locking Your Bike

Buy a good quality 'U-lock' or 10mm cable lock from a cycle shop. Secure your bike to an immovable object. 

You can secure your frame and rear wheel just by locking the wheel within the rear triangle to something secure. If you do the same cycle trip regularly then consider leaving a lock at your destination to avoid carrying a heavy lock every time.