Solar for Houses and Apartments

Solar panels on a house

City of Ryde are committed to assisting residents in home energy efficiency and moving toward a Net Zero Emissions future.  

Are you considering installing solar panels on your home to reduce your electricity cost ? See the following information to get started and join around 6000 Ryde households with rooftop solar. Alternatively, contact us at for further advice.

Home Solar Information and Resources
Apartment and Strata Solar Information and Resources
Questions to ask before installing solar
  • Do I have suitable space and solar availability on my roof. Check your roof and calculate the system size, cost and energy savings of a solar system on your roof using the SunSPOT solar tool.
  • Have I checked the Clean Energy Council (CEC) website guide to buying solar.
  • Do I have an accredited retailer and installer for my solar purchase? And have I sought several quotes before making a decision on the best system for my home? Find accredited installers near you at New Energy Tech Consumer Code or Clean Energy Council.
  • Have I done a check of online reviews of my preferred solar company which might highlight any past or potential problems? Check with NSW Fair Trading for any past complaints.
  • What are the warranties on the panels and installation, and who holds these warranties? Do I understand the terms of the warranties? What is the claims process if I encounter any issues?
  • Does my quote cover all costs, or are there exclusions that may be added later?
More Information

If you would like further assistance with home solar you can: