Publications for Sale

Publications available for sale at Ryde Library:

Cost: $1 each, $5 per pack of 8, $6 per pack of 10. 

The postcards feature images from the Ryde Library Services photographic collection with images dating back to 1872. Classic photos of the Ryde area include Meadowbank baths (Parramatta River 1925), the opening of the original De Burghs Bridge across Lane Cove River (1901) and Rowe Street, Eastwood (c.1922).

'A Place of Pioneers: the Centenary History of the Municipality of Ryde', by Phillip Greeves 
Cost: $6.50 

'A Place of Pioneers' contains historical accounts of churches and religious institutions, service and sporting clubs, and schools, as well as historical photographs of prominent citizens and buildings in the 18th and 19th centuries.

'A Wonderful Pair of Shoes: Oral Recollections of Ryde in the 1930s Depression', by Lesley Goldberg. 
Cost: $15

'A Wonderful Pair of Shoes' provides an account of the decade 1929-1939, based on material gathered in the course of the 'Recording a Oral History Project'. This project, funded and managed by the Council, recorded the memories of some 150 residents.

Oral History booklets 
Cost: $6.00 each 

'The Hermitage: Memories of the 1930s', by Pauline Curby - The Hermitage is one of the oldest buildings in the City of Ryde. This booklet provides a historical narrative of Ryde, highlighting the memories of the Nicholson family at this heritage site. 

'Memories of the 1919 Influenza Pandemic', by Pauline Curby - This booklet provides personal accounts from Ryde residents who survived the great influenza pandemic that affected Australia in 1919.