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Bushland and Environment Advisory Committee

Role and Responsibilities

Advises and makes recommendations to Council on the matters relating to enhancement, preservation, conservation and management of natural areas, wildlife and their habitat corridors and local indigenous vegetation and environmental health and sustainability issues and initiatives within the City of Ryde. The Committee also act as a Project Reference Group for the development, implementation and monitoring of a Biodiversity Plan for the Ryde Local Government Area.  

For more information on this committee, download the Bushland and Environment Advisory Committee Terms of Reference(PDF, 239KB).


Chairperson: Clr Penny Pedersen
Councillor(s): Clr Christopher Gordon (Deputy Chairperson), Clr Edwina Clifton
Community Representatives: Pamela Reeves, Libby Lawson, David Thomas, Terry Perram, Simone McGinley, Jill Hartley, Peter Brown, Bev Debrincat, Joanne Taranto, Jane Valentine, Sylvia Lane, Jessica Wilks, Angela Maier, Amelia Saul, Peter Davies, Margaret Kelly


Meetings are held on Wednesdays in the Council Chambers, Level 1A, 1 Pope Street, Top Ryde at at 5 pm.
2021 Meeting dates: 10 March. 9 June

Agendas Minutes
10 March 2021(PDF, 99KB)

Past Agendas and Minutes

Agendas Minutes
9 December 2020(PDF, 136KB) 9 December 2020(PDF, 173KB)
11 March 2020(PDF, 103KB) 11 March 2020(PDF, 182KB)
11 December 2019(PDF, 158KB) 11 December 2019(PDF, 188KB) 
11 September 2019(PDF, 102KB) 11 September 2019(PDF, 194KB) 
12 June 2019(PDF, 101KB) 12 June 2019(PDF, 209KB)
13 March 2019(PDF, 103KB) 13 March 2019(PDF, 223KB)
12 December 2018(PDF, 116KB)  
12 September 2018(PDF, 104KB) 12 September 2018(PDF, 216KB)  
13 June 2018(PDF, 102KB) 13 June 2018(PDF, 239KB)
14 March 2018(PDF, 101KB) 14 March 2018(PDF, 244KB)
14 August 2017(PDF, 101KB)
19 June 2017(PDF, 100KB)  

19 June 2017(PDF, 248KB)  

Presentation by Applied Ecology P/L(PDF, 9MB)
Infrared Camera Footage: Swamp wallaby at Portius Park
Infrared Camera Footage: Bandicoot at Field of Mars Reserve
Infrared Camera Footage: Bandicoot, rabbit and fox at Pembroke Park
Infrared Camera Footage: Swamp wallaby, bandicoot, fox and rat at Pembroke Park

8 May 2017(PDF, 102KB) 8 May 2017(PDF, 102KB)
13 February 2017(PDF, 109KB) 13 February 2017(PDF, 260KB)  
14 November 2016 14 November 2016(PDF, 253KB)  
17 October 2016(PDF, 123KB) 17 October 2016(PDF, 360KB)  
18 July 2016(PDF, 110KB)   18 July 2016(PDF, 278KB)  
30 May 2016(PDF, 110KB)   30 May 2016(PDF, 269KB)
8 February 2016(PDF, 138KB)  8 February 2016(PDF, 214KB)
16 November 2015(PDF, 110KB) 16 November 2015(PDF, 144KB)
17 August 2015(PDF, 108KB) 17 August 2015(PDF, 177KB) 
18 May 2015(PDF, 111KB) 18 May 2015(PDF, 181KB)
9 February 2015(PDF, 109KB) 9 February 2015(PDF, 178KB)
8 September 2014(PDF, 108KB) 8 September 2014(PDF, 93KB)
28 July 2014(PDF, 110KB) 28 July 2014(PDF, 192KB)

More Information

If you have any enquiries please contact Council's Natural Areas Coordinator on 9952 8222.


Last updated on 28 April 2021