Bicycles on Public Transport

Bikes are permitted on CityRail trains free of charge in non-peak travel times. However if at least some of your journey is made between 6am and 9am or between 3.30pm and 7.30pm on weekdays, you must purchase a child’s ticket for your bike as well as a ticket for yourself. 

When you take a bicycle on the train please remember not to block the doorways or aisles. 

Riding of bicycles is not permitted on CityRail stations and trains. 

Bikes are allowed on Sydney Ferries at the discretion of the staff. Deckhands may direct you where it is safest to put your bike. Ferries may have bike racks. Bikes should not interfere with other passengers or passageways. There is no additional cost for taking a bike on Sydney Ferries. 

Bikes are generally not permitted on Sydney buses. 

Bicycle racks are provided at some transport interchanges. See the Bicycle Parking section. 

In the City of Ryde secure bicycle lockers are located at a number of stations and wharves. See the Bicycle Parking section for locations. Please contact the Department of Transport 131 500 for more information about the secure bicycle lockers program.