Heavy Vehicles

Be a responsible heavy vehicle operator and follow the rules and regulations below.

Secure your load

Your load must be adequately secured so that it will not move or fall from your vehicle. You must also cover your load if you are carrying something that is likely to be dislodged or blown off. 

This is to protect the safety of pedestrians and other road users.


If your vehicle is heavier than 4.5 tonnes and/or longer than 7.5 metres, you have a one-hour time limit for parking on ANY road or street in the City of Ryde.

You are encouraged to park your vehicle on private property (subject to DA consent) or to make alternative arrangements to park in an approved commercial premises.

City of Ryde Rangers work in partnership with the Roads and Maritime Service and the NSW Police to ensure safety on our roads.

There are heavy penalties for breaches of these rules.

Local roads are for local traffic

There are a number of roads in the City of Ryde that are ‘load limited’. The roads listed below have a three tonne load limit. If your combined vehicle tare weight and load exceeds 3 tonne, you can only use a limit notice road if the destination of the vehicle lies in or on the limit notice road and there is no alternative route by which to reach that destination.

The aim of this restriction is to:

  • Protect the surfaces of smaller roads that were not built to handle heavy traffic
  • Prevent heavy vehicles using quiet local roads as shortcuts.

Three-tonne 'load limited' roads in the City of Ryde

Street Between Suburb
Bellevue Avenue Trelawney Street and Bigland Ave Denistone West
Beaumont Avenue Shaftsbury Road and Bellevue Ave Denistone West
Lovell Road Blaxland Road and North Road Denistone/Eastwood
Darvall Road Rutledge Street and Tramway Street Eastwood
Tarrants Avenue Clanwilliam Street and Sluman Street Eastwood
Kings Road Blaxland Road and Lovell Road Eastwood
Donovan Street North Road and Abuklea Road Eastwood
Shaftsbury Road Stewart Street and Mirool Street Eastwood/Denistone West
North Road Balaclava Road and Blaxland Road Eastwood/Denistone/East/Ryde
Abuklea Road Balaclava Road and Herring Road Eastwood/Marsfield
Chatham Road Bencoolen Avenue and Clanalpine Street Eastwood/West Ryde
Orient Street College Street and Buffalo Road Gladesville
Nelson Street Buffalo Road and Higginbotham Road Gladesville
Fontenoy Road Khartoum Road and Lane Cove Road Macquarie Park
Herring Road Bridge Road and Epping Road Marsfield
Agincourt Road Balaclava Road and Herring Road Marsfield
Angas Street (Bridge) See Street and Underdale Lane Meadowbank
Clarence Street Blenheim Road and Pittwater Road North Ryde
Warwick Street Blenheim Road and Pittwater Road North Ryde
Bridge Road Lane Cove Road and Herring Road North Ryde/Ryde
Morrison Road Acacia Avenue and Tennyson Road Putney/Gladesville
Quarry Road North Road and Lane Cove Road Ryde
Smalls Road Quarry Road and Bridge Road Ryde
Pooley Street Quarry Road and the dead end Ryde
Meldrum Street Pooley Street and Badajoz Road Ryde
Potts Street Frederick Street and Tennyson Road Ryde
Searle Street Weaver Street and Tennyson Road Ryde
Morrison Road Church Street and Princes Street Ryde
Park Avenue Chatham Road and Anthony Road West Ryde