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Reporting Hazards and Accidents

Road and path conditions vary over time. If you see a problem or hazard for bicycles, please report it to the Council who will investigate and 
wherever possible arrange to fix the problem.

If there is a problem on a main road or motorway you can report it to the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) by phoning 131 700.

When reporting a hazard you must locate and identify it.

1. Remember the exact location of hazard

  • Road/street/cycleway name, suburb
  • On road, road shoulder/cycle lane, cycle path, footpath
  • Precise location (e.g house number, intersecting road, distance from point of reference)
  • Side of road/path (e.g. west side or travelling north)

2. Remember the type of hazard or defect

  • Damaged surface, debris on surface, roadside or pathside problems, drainage, service cover or access point.

Accident and First Aid: St John DRABCD Action Plan

D - check for DANGER

  • To you, to others, to casualty

R - check for RESPONSE

  • Is casualty conscious? (if conscious, manage injuries)
  • Is casualty unconscious? (if unconscious, place on side)


  • Is airway clear of objects? (look in mouth)
  • Is airway open? (tilt head back)


  • Is chest rising and falling? can you hear and feel casualty breathing? (if not breathing, start EAR)


  • Can you see obvious signs of life - movement, including swallowing and breathing?
  • Observe colour of skin on face
  • Can you feel a pulse? (if no circulation or you are unsure, start CPR)


  • Follow voice prompts (if available)

Last updated on 15 October 2019