5 Million Trees for Greater Sydney

Increasing Greater Sydney's tree canopy to 40 percent is one of the Premier's Priorities, with a target to plant five million trees by 2030.

Through the NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment, Sydney councils can apply for grants to help fund more tree planting in public spaces.

Health benefits from the urban forest

The expanse of green canopy viewed from a high rise window, for as far as the eye can see, is collectively known as the “Urban Forest”. Defined as a well-developed network of canopy, in local streets, parks and private properties. The tree-lined streets and private gardens set a character, enhance biodiversity and give a sense of connection and wellbeing to a home, street or suburb. 

The presence of a tree lined street has been proven to have a positive impact on human health and wellbeing.

Studies have found a tree lined street can add a considerable improvement to the quality of life, from physical health in the form of air quality and the reduction of airborne contaminants, a reduction in instances of cardiovascular disease and cancer (skin), to the more subtle components of well-being for example, stress levels and happiness. 

Greening Our City Grants

The Greening our City grant program is funded under Five Million Trees for Greater Sydney. Grants are available to Sydney councils to co-fund tree planting projects in public spaces such as streets, parks and plazas. Find out more on the NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment website.


Council has applied for the second round of grant funding through the Greening Our City Grant and hopes to reach a canopy growth of 40 percent, in line with state government targets.


A total of $6 million in funding was available in 2018-19 to assist councils to plant thousands of more trees across Greater Sydney to increase tree canopy cover.

City of Ryde was one of  20 councils across Greater Sydney to receive a grant. Council received a total of $150,000, which was used for our Street and Park Tree Planting Program. We planted a total of 800 trees in the streets of our City and in Gannan Park.

Find out more on the NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment website

What can you do to help?

Plant more trees on your property

Community members are also encouraged to plant more trees on their properties to help make their home and local area greener. Trying to decide what kind of tree to plant? Check out our page on Tree Selection and Establishment.

You can also register your tree on the NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment website. The Department maintains a map of all registered trees across Greater Sydney.

Request a tree for your street

You can also request a free tree for your street through Council's Street Tree Planting Program