Previous meetings (REEN)

View previous REEN meeting minutes and agendas from 2013 onwards in the table below. 

Agendas Minutes
October 2016(PDF, 106KB)  October 2016(PDF, 48KB)  
June 2016  June 2016(PDF, 168KB)
May 2015 May 2015
February 2015 February 2015
November 2014 November 2014(PDF, 70KB)
August 2014 August 2014(PDF, 62KB)
May 2014 May 2014(PDF, 271KB)
February 2014  February 2014(PDF, 66KB)
October 2013(PDF, 74KB) October 2013(PDF, 222KB)
August 2013(PDF, 181KB) 

Waste Update(PDF, 2MB) 

February 2013(PDF, 102KB)   February 2013(PDF, 51KB)

REEN is an environmental network set up in 2007 by the City of Ryde to provide schools and their teachers with learning opportunities, tools, resources, ideas and support to embed sustainability across the school curriculum.