Book Locker at Gladesville Library

Person receiving books from book locker

Library members can now request library items to be collected 24 hours a day, seven days a week from our Book Locker, which is located at the rear of Gladesville Library, 6 Pittwater Road, Gladesville. 

How to use the Book Locker

To use this service, you must have your mobile number recorded on your membership record in our library system. Borrowers can ask staff to check that their details are up to date.

To place a reservation with the Book Locker, follow the following steps:

  • Reserve an item via the online Library Catalogue and choose 'Book Locker - Gladesville' as the pick-up location. You will receive a text message when the items are ready to be collected. If you would like to receive an email as well as a text message, this must be included on your membership record in our library system
  • Click on the link in the text message or the email and a QR code and PIN will be displayed
  • Scan the QR code or enter the PIN at the Book Locker to open the door and retrieve your library items
  • Close the Book Locker door.

If you require an accessible compartment, choose 'Book Locker – Gladesville – Accessible' as the pick-up location. Accessible compartments are below 1.4 metres in height from ground level.

Items will be held in the Book Locker for seven days and can be collected at any time that suits you. 

After seven days, the items will be removed from the Book Locker and placed on the reserve shelves in Gladesville Library for a further three days and can only be retrieved during library hours.