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Policy Name
Access and Equity Policy(PDF, 382KB)
Affordable Housing Policy(PDF, 3MB)
Asset Management Policy(PDF, 243KB)

Car Share Policy(PDF, 219KB)
Fixed Space Car Share Guidelines(PDF, 325KB)

Code of Conduct - Policy(PDF, 198KB)
Code of Conduct - Standards of Conduct(PDF, 517KB)
Code of Conduct - Complaints Procedure(PDF, 371KB)
Interaction between Councillors and Staff Guideline(PDF, 320KB)
Code of Meeting Practice(PDF, 562KB)
Community Buildings Licensing Policy(PDF, 455KB)
Community Gardens Policy(PDF, 196KB)
Community Grants Policy(PDF, 254KB)
Contaminated Land Policy(PDF, 421KB)
COVID-19 Financial Hardship Policy(PDF, 261KB)
Customer Feedback Policy(PDF, 163KB)
Customer Feedback Procedure(PDF, 235KB)
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure on Public Land - Guidelines(PDF, 201KB) 
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure on Public Land - Policy(PDF, 162KB)  
Enforcement of Parking Policy(PDF, 244KB)
Enforcement Policy(PDF, 96KB)
Enforcement Policy and Guideline - Boarding Houses(PDF, 365KB)
Enforcement Policy - Building Works Compliance(PDF, 99KB)
Enforcement Policy - Environmental Incidents from Building and Construction Sites(PDF, 107KB)
Enforcement Policy - Public Health Investigations(PDF, 101KB)
Engagement Policy(PDF, 1MB)
Engagement Framework(PDF, 1011KB)
Ethical Lobbying Policy(PDF, 66KB)
Footpath Activity Controls Policy(PDF, 339KB)
Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy(PDF, 245KB)
Fraud and Corruption Prevention Strategy(PDF, 340KB)
Gifts and Benefits Policy for Councillors and Staff(PDF, 630KB)
Interface and Day to Day Oversight of the General Manager by the Mayor including Mayor's Roles and Responsibilities(PDF, 314KB)
Investment Policy(PDF, 34KB)
Investment Policy Guidelines(PDF, 550KB)
Local Biosecurity Weeds Policy(PDF, 197KB) 
Managing Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Policy(PDF, 205KB)
Managing Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Procedure(PDF, 909KB)
Media Policy(PDF, 169KB)
Memorial Plaques and Donations of Park Furniture and Trees Policy(PDF, 273KB)
Naming of Parks and Park Facilities Policy(PDF, 236KB)
Non Rates Debt Recovery Policy(PDF, 194KB)
Offensive Noise Management Policy(PDF, 58KB)
Open Space Lighting Policy(PDF, 3MB) 
Outdoor Dining Policy(PDF, 830KB)
Policy on Expenses and Facilities for the Mayor and other Councillors(PDF, 767KB)
Permit Parking Policy(PDF, 210KB)
Pesticide Use Notification Plan(PDF, 396KB)
Privacy Management Plan(PDF, 1MB)
Protocol for International and Australian Friendship Agreements(PDF, 221KB)
Public Interest Disclosures - Internal Reporting Policy(PDF, 201KB)
Public Interest Disclosures - Internal Reporting Procedure(PDF, 1MB)

Rates Debt Recovery Policy(PDF, 201KB)

Related Party Disclosures - Policy(PDF, 215KB)
Related Party Disclosures - Guidelines(PDF, 402KB)
Single-Use Plastics - Policy(PDF, 98KB)
Social Media - Policy(PDF, 164KB)
Social Media - Procedure(PDF, 171KB)
Sponsorship - Policy(PDF, 159KB)
Sponsorship - Procedures(PDF, 174KB)
Sports Ground Allocation - Policy(PDF, 151KB)
Statement of Business Ethics for Contractors and Consultants(PDF, 299KB)
Sustainable Procurement Policy(PDF, 128KB)
Visits by International Delegations Policy(PDF, 181KB)
Voluntary Planning Agreements Policy
Last updated on 14 September 2021