Affordable Housing - Policy(PDF, 3MB)
Asset Management - Policy(PDF, 243KB)

Community, Councillors and Staff
Code of Conduct - Policy(PDF, 198KB)
Code of Conduct - Standards of Conduct(PDF, 517KB)
Code of Conduct - Complaints Procedure(PDF, 371KB)
Code of Conduct - Interaction between Councillors and Staff - Guideline(PDF, 319KB)
Gifts and Benefits Policy for Councillors and Staff - Policy(PDF, 630KB)
Interface and Day to Day Oversight of the General Manager by the Mayor including Mayor's Roles and Responsibilities(PDF, 314KB)
Expenses and Facilities for the Mayor and other Councillor - Policy(PDF, 767KB)

Council Meetings
Code of Meeting Practice(PDF, 615KB)

Community Services
Access and Equity - Policy(PDF, 382KB)
Community Buildings Licensing - Policy(PDF, 455KB)
Community Gardens - Policy(PDF, 196KB)

Community Grants
Community Grants Policy(PDF, 254KB)
Contaminated Land - Policy(PDF, 421KB)

Community Engagement
Community Engagement - Policy(PDF, 1MB)
Engagement Engagement - Framework(PDF, 1011KB)
(Note: Currently under review as part of an update to Community Engagement)

Customer Service
Customer Service - Charter(PDF, 331KB)
Customer Feedback - Policy(PDF, 163KB)
Customer Feedback - Procedure(PDF, 235KB)
Managing Unreasonable Complainant Conduct - Policy(PDF, 205KB)
Managing Unreasonable Complainant Conduct - Procedure(PDF, 909KB)

Cash Investment Policy(PDF, 537KB)
Non Rates Debt Recovery Policy(PDF, 194KB)
Rates Debt Recovery Policy(PDF, 196KB)

Parking & Enforcement
Enforcement of Parking - Policy(PDF, 244KB)
Parking Permit - Policy(PDF, 210KB)
Enforcement Policy(PDF, 96KB)
Enforcement Policy and Guideline - Boarding Houses(PDF, 365KB)
Enforcement Policy - Building Works Compliance(PDF, 99KB)
Enforcement Policy - Environmental Incidents from Building and Construction Sites(PDF, 107KB)
Enforcement Policy - Public Health Investigations(PDF, 101KB)

Fraud and Corruption Prevention - Policy(PDF, 245KB)
Fraud and Corruption Prevention - Strategy(PDF, 340KB)

Local Biosecurity Weeds Policy(PDF, 197KB) 

Media and Social Media
Media - Policy(PDF, 169KB)
Social Media - Policy(PDF, 164KB)
Social Media - Procedure(PDF, 171KB)

Parks, Sportsgrounds and Open Space
Memorial Plaques and Donations of Park Furniture and Trees - Policy(PDF, 273KB)
Naming of Parks and Park Facilities - Policy(PDF, 236KB)
Open Space Lighting - Policy(PDF, 3MB)
Sports Ground Allocation - Policy(PDF, 151KB)
Pesticide Use Notification - Plan(PDF, 396KB)
City of Ryde Development Control Plan 2014 Part: 9.5 Tree Preservation(PDF, 1MB)

Offensive Noise Management Policy(PDF, 58KB)
Outdoor Dining Policy(PDF, 830KB)
Privacy Management Plan(PDF, 1MB)
Protocol for International and Australian Friendship Agreements(PDF, 221KB)

Public Interest Disclosures - Internal Reporting Policy(PDF, 201KB)
Public Interest Disclosures - Internal Reporting Procedure(PDF, 3MB)

Related Party Disclosures - Policy(PDF, 215KB)
Related Party Disclosures - Guidelines(PDF, 402KB)

Single-Use Plastics - Policy(PDF, 98KB)

Sponsorship - Policy(PDF, 159KB)
Sponsorship - Procedures(PDF, 174KB)

Procurement of Services
Procurement - Business Ethics for Contractors and Consultants  - Statement(PDF, 299KB)
Procurement - Sustainable Procurement - Policy(PDF, 128KB) (under review)

Car Share Fixed Spaces - Policy(PDF, 219KB)
Car Share Fixed Spaces - Guidelines(PDF, 325KB)
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure on Public Land - Policy(PDF, 162KB)  
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure on Public Land - Guidelines(PDF, 201KB)

Verge and Nature Strip Maintenance Policy(PDF, 185KB)
Visits by International Delegations Policy(PDF, 181KB)
Voluntary Planning Agreements Policy