Cyclist Rights and Responsibilities

Cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers and motorcycle riders. 

When riding a bicycle, you should:

  • Correctly wear an approved helmet, with straps fitting smugly under the chin
  • Obey all the road rules
  • Ride, like all traffic, on the left side of a road unless signposted otherwise
  • Only ride on a footpath if aged under 12 years (or an adult accompanying a rider under 12 years)
  • Use a bicycle lane if one is marked on the road, unless impracticable to do so
  • Always use hand signals when turning or stopping
  • Walk, not ride, across pedestrian crossings
  • Travel no more than 1.5 metres apart if riding two abreast
  • Slow down on a cycle path when pedestrians are present
  • Warn pedestrians of your approach on a cycle path.

All bicycles must:

  • Be fitted with an effective brake and a bell, horn or similar warning device
  • If used at night have a steady or flashing white light on the front
  • If used at night have a red reflector and steady or flashing red light at rear.

Traffic Wisdom

  • Be predictable – do not weave in and out of parked cars, maintain a straight line
  • Signal your intention to move well in advance
  • Be politely assertive. Do not ride in the gutter where there is often rough surface or debris
  • Keep a safe distance from parked cars. A suddenly opened car door could cause an accident
  • Avoid the squeeze - take over your lane when going through narrow sections, speed humps and small roundabouts
  • Make eye contact with drivers at intersections. Make sure they have seen you before moving in front of a car
  • Be noticed! Wear bright clothing. Be reflective at night.