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Why Learn to Swim?

Water Safety Week

Water Safety Week occurs the second last week of every session. Each session students are asked to wear pyjamas that can be worn in the water.

  • Session 3: Monday 6th December – Sunday 12th December

Keep Watch

Royal Life Saving’s ‘Keep Watch’ program stresses the importance of supervision.

Regardless of the aquatic location, supervision means being within arm’s reach of your children whenever they are in, on or around water.

Drowning deaths can occur in the time it takes to answer the doorbell, run and get a change of clothes or make a cup of coffee. Drowning is swift and silent which is why parents must be within arm’s reach of young children in water.

The ‘Keep Watch’ program consists of four key tips:

  • Young children need to be supervised constantly (within arm’s reach) whenever they are in, on or around water
  • Restricting a young child’s access to water either by putting a barrier around the water or around the child is also effective in preventing drowning deaths
  • Undertaking water familiarisation with your child will help you to become aware of the dangers
  • Learning resuscitation can help if an incident does occur. Learning these techniques today may save your child’s life.

Water familiarisation classes build confidence and introduce children to basic water safety; and learning to swim is a vital skill for all ages, especially children.

Ensuring your child receives quality teaching is important – because learning to swim is a skill for life.

For more information see the Royal Life Saving website.

Last updated on 12 October 2021