Development Advisory Service

A specialist support service for planning and development matters.

Council’s Development Advisory Service (DAS), in conjunction with our Customer Service Centre, provides front-end planning and development information for residents and building and development professionals. Our team can assist with the following: 

  • Planning and development enquiries (Duty Planner service)
  • Development application lodgement through the NSW Planning Portal
  • Viewing of notification and exhibition material
  • Formal pre-lodgement review services
  • Urban design review.

Duty Planner Service

A qualified Council planning professional is available for information on zonings, development control plans and general development information. This free service is designed to provide preliminary advice on planning-related enquiries associated with properties.

Due to high demand for this service and the nature of the intended enquiries, all enquiries and face-to-face meetings are limited to a maximum of 15 minutes as we are unable to go through all of Council's controls in detail or provide a detailed assessment of any development proposal you may be considering. If this is required, you may need to engage your own planning consultant or legal practitioner.

  • This service cannot be used for pre-purchase enquiries or for questions about conditions relating to a development application. For pre-purchase enquiries, please see the Section 10.7 Planning Certificate contained within the contract for sale and information found at the NSW Planning Portal. If your pre-purchase enquiries relate to information on covenants or easements, please speak to your conveyancer for details within the contract for sale.
  • This service cannot be used to obtain advice with respect to plans for redeveloping a site as this requires more complex appraisal of the proposed plans and may require attendance at a paid pre-lodgement meeting. 
  • A Development Advisory Officer (Duty Planner) can be accessed over the phone or in person, as outlined below:

Phone Consultation

Availability: 9.00am – 4.00pm, Monday to Friday (no bookings required)
Cost: Free

Contact the Customer Service Centre on 9952 8222 to speak to a dedicated Duty Planner. In some circumstances, you may be required to leave a message for the Duty Planner who will endeavour to return your call as soon as practicable.

Face-to-Face Consultation

Availability: 9.30am – 1.00pm, Monday, Tuesday and Friday (no bookings required)
Cost: Free
Location: Ryde Customer Service Centre, located at 1 Pope Street, Ryde (below Ryde Library)
Meetings are limited to 15 minutes.

Teleconference Consultation - Lodgement Advisory Meetings (through MS Team only)

Availability: 9.00am – 4.00pm, Monday Tuesday and Friday (bookings required) 
Cost: Free

A teleconference can be arranged to discuss development applications that have been lodged through the NSW Planning Portal and you wish to discuss the contents of a request for additional information or a returned application lodgement letter received through the Portal by contacting a Development Advisory Officer on 9952 8222.

Meetings (by appointment) are limited to 15 minutes.  

Alternative Services

In many instances the services above may not be appropriate for more complex planning and development matters and may require one of the following services below.

Pre-lodgement Meetings 

City of Ryde provides a pre-lodgement service to assist customers with advice regarding development proposals. This service is aimed at any larger or more complex residential and commercial developments. A pre-lodgement meeting provides the prospective applicant with the opportunity to discuss and receive feedback from Council on the technical and merit aspects of a development proposal.

Meetings: By appointment
Bookings: Contact Customer Service on 9952 8222.
Cost: A fee is payable for this service.

Urban Design Review Panel Meetings

This service is for residential apartment buildings of three storeys or above in height; major developments within town centres; and new major developments in the City of Ryde (where the design of the proposed developments is considered by a panel of experts prior to the lodgement of the development application).
Meetings: By appointment
Bookings: Contact Customer Service on 9952 8222. 
Cost: A fee is payable for this service.

Lodgement Advisory Meetings

These meetings are intended for customers who have received a returned development lodgement letter when lodging an application through the NSW Planning Portal. A free 15-minute lodgement advisory meeting allows you to discuss the contents of the letter with a Development Advisory Service Officer.

The intent of the meeting is to go through the reasons why the application was rejected or returned on the Planning Portal. In some cases, a detailed meeting may be required. 
Bookings: Contact Customer Service on 9952 8222. 
Cost: Free 

Written Advice

The DAS can offer written advice on planning and development via email or post. However, there may be a fee applicable for some correspondence. 
Contact Customer Service on 9952 8222 or email
Cost: A fee may apply for this service.

Development Assessment and Building Certification

The lodgement of all applications for both Development Assessment and Building Certification can be done via the NSW Planning Portal.