Remediation Projects

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Two major industrial sites formerly occupied by Union Carbide and Allied Feeds and the sediments of Homebush Bay are now being remediated according to strict environmental and health criteria developed for the work and approved by the Department of Planning, Department of Health and the Office of Environment and Heritage. These sites exist wholly with the City of Canada Bay Council local government area and the remediation company for these projects, Thiess Services Pty Ltd, is licensed by DECC to conduct the projects.

The Rhodes Community Consultative Committee was been established to monitor the projects and to receive regular updates and data on the remediation and development projects by the proponents involved.

For more information call the Thiess Services Community Contact Line on the 24 hour toll free line of 1800 009 414.

Monthly newsletters are also produced and to view these newsletters or to obtain other relevant information and updates regarding the site remediation work, please go to the Rhodes Remediation Projects website.

2-14 Wellington Road, Ryde

This site is located near the Field of Mars Cemetery and has been used for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial purposes since the 1920s. A former electrical factory built in the 1960s was occupied by Council from 1975 as their works depot quarters.

Past site uses had resulted in some soil contamination. A detailed contamination assessment of the site and remediation plan was commissioned between 2002 to 2006. The main remedial actions undertaken included removal of primary contamination sources, capping with clean soil and rock, and re-establishment of vegetation. Around 20,000 seedlings and tube stock were planted on site. The remediation was co-funded by the NSW Department of Planning.

Certain environmental controls apply to the site which are documented in an Environmental Management Plan held by Council. The site is to be included in the Field of Mars Nature Reserve and will contribute to the amenity and greenspace within the city. 

Former Parsonage Street Depot

The site fronting Shepherds Bay, at the corner of Parsonage and Belmore Streets, Ryde has been used by Council as a civil works depot since around 1948. Prior to that, the site is believed to have been used as a timber mill and for other purposes associated with the adjacent historic wharf area.

A series of site contamination assessments revealed the presence of contamination associated with underground petrol storage tanks and other previous site activities. The extensive redevelopment into the majestic park now occupying the site therefore included a complex remediation phase to remove the identified contamination sources.

Also considered during the redevelopment of the site were the aboriginal and colonial heritage of the site, as reflected in the landscape design and associated artworks. The original wharf is thought to have dated back to the mid-late 19th Century. Aboriginal people are likely to have inhabited the area for thousands of years, and shell middens have been identified on the adjacent foreshore.

More Information

For more information on any of the projects above, contact  Manager - The Environment on 9952 8222.