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Where do your Rates Go?

Your rates are essential to help keep our City running. They are used to fund facilities, infrastructure and services to ensure City of Ryde is The place to be for lifestyle and opportunity at your doorstep.

The below information provides a snapshot of where Council’s income is derived from, how your rates are going to spent over the next financial year and top-10 programs of capital works.

For more detailed information on Council’s activities, view our Four-Year Delivery Program and One-Year Operational Plan, which outline the services, projects and programs planned for our future. Council’s Annual Report also provides a snapshot of Council’s performance over the past year.

Where does Council's money comes from?

Council's 2020/2021 operating budgeted expenditure allocation is as follows:

Capital Grants and Contributions - 11%; Operating Grants and Contributions - 4%; Other Income - 7%; Interest Revenue - 3%; Fees and Charges - 9%; Rates and Annual Charges - 66%

Where does the money go? 

Council has allocated its income to the following programs: 


Top-10 programs 

Included in Council’s 21/22 budget is approximately $97 million of capital works with the top-10 programs:

Capital Works Program - Top 10 Expenditure Classes $,000
Ryde Central $49,500
Road Kerb Renewal $7,137
Road Resurfacing Renewal $5,802
Plant & Fleet Purchases $3,400
Synthetic Playing Surfaces Expansion  $2,900
Neighbourhood Centre Renewal 
Stormwater Asset Renewal $2,172
Sportsground Amenities Renewal  $2,072
Town Centre & Public Domain Renewal $2.000
Other Capital Works $20,058
Total Capital Works $97,441

Income from Council Rates and Charges amount to 66% of total revenue. The summary below shows how Council Rates and Charges are allocated:


View Council’s Four Year Delivery Program for more information. 

Last updated on 30 July 2021