Catchment Protection

Catchments need to be protected to maintain water quality, biodiversity and general ecosystem health. Pollution, soil erosion and the spread of weeds, can adversely affect the quality of water and the environment at the bottom of the catchment.

How we are protecting the catchments

Parramatta River Catchment Group (PRCG) aims to improve the health of the Parramatta River catchment by undertaking regional initiatives that address various issues such as stormwater pollution, estuary health and the protection of biodiversity corridors. PRCG is a regional organisation of local councils, state government agencies and community representatives. Members include staff and councillor representatives from City of Ryde, Ashfield, Auburn, Bankstown, Blacktown, Canada Bay, Holroyd, Hunters Hill, Leichhardt, Parramatta and Strathfield Councils, as well as Sydney Water and other state government agencies and authorities.

What is a catchment?

A catchment is the land bound by hills or mountains from which rainwater flows downward towards a waterway. Catchments are connected from top to bottom, so what happens upstream in a catchment has a large impact further down the catchment.

All creeks and rivers flow through a catchment area and water flows to lower points in the landscape away from the ridges, which form the boundaries between catchments. The smaller water catchments of creeks that flow in turn into rivers are called sub-catchments.

Report Water Pollution

Contact council's Customer Service Centre on 9952 8222.