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Agendas and Minutes

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Past Agendas and Minutes

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Council Meeting - 22 October 2019

Tuesday 22 October 2019 / 7.00 PM

  • Item 1 – Items Put Without Debate
  • Item 2 – Report of the Works and Community Committee Meeting 7/19 held on 8 October 2019
  • Item 3 – Report of the Finance and Governance Committee Meeting 6/19 held on 8 October 2019
  • Item 4 – Report of the Ryde Central Committee Meeting 6/19 held on 8 October 2019 
  • Item 5 – Investment Report as at 30 September 2019
  • Item 6 – 2018/2019 Draft Financial Statements 
  • Item 7 – Ryde Riverwalk - Delivery of Future Links Including Bill Mitchell Park to Glades Bay Park
  • Item 8 – Proposed Community Centre within Rowe Street Carpark Development
  • Confidential Items 9 – Request for Tender - Tender Evaluation - COR-RFT-011/19 - Asset Inventory Collection and Condition Data Assessment
  • Confidential Items 10 – Advice on Court Actions
  • Item 11 – Deferred Report:  Item 8 – Draft Waste Management Strategy 2019-2024 from the Report of the Works and Community Committee Meeting 6/19 held on 13 August 2019
  • Late Item 12 – Confirmation of Minutes – Council Meeting held on 24 September 2019
  • Late Confidential Item 13 – Property Matter
  • Notice of Motion 1 – Proposed Upgrades at Morrison Bay, Putney and Bill Mitchell Park, Gladesville – Councillor Roy Maggio
  • Notice of Motion 2 – Basketball Competition at Morrison Bay, Putney – Councillor Roy Maggio
  • Notice of Motion 3 – Putney Hill Development – Councillor Roy Maggio
  • Notice of Motion 4 – No Smoking Zone in Eastwood East – Councillor Dr Peter Kim
  • Notice of Motion 5 – Heritage Listing and Protection of TG Millner Fields, Marsfield – Councillor Trenton Brown
  • Notice of Motion 6 – Repair Room and Tool Library – Councillor Penny Pedersen
  • Notice of Motion 7 – Sewer Pipe Damage – 16 Kulgoa Avenue, Ryde – Councillors Lane and Yedelian OA
  • Notice of Rescission 1 – Deferred Notice of Motion:  Amendment to Part 8 of Council’s Code of Meeting Practice – Order of Business for Ordinary Council Meetings – Councillors Lane, Maggio and Yedelian OAM

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