What is heritage?

Heritage is all of those items and places that are valued by the community and is conserved and preserved for future generations. People commonly equate heritage with historic buildings but the concept is much wider and includes items and places with natural heritage significance and Aboriginal heritage significance. Although these categories are covered by different legislation in reality they often overlap.

Heritage values can be ranked at different scales from local to world significance. Individual items or places may be valued according to their rarity or because they are a particularly good example of their kind. Judging these qualities is inevitably subjective but professional guidelines are provided in the Australian Natural Heritage Charter and The Burra Charter: The Australia ICOMOS Charter for places of cultural significance.

Why does heritage matter?

Heritage is valued by the community because it provides links to the past and contributes to our sense of place. Heritage provides reference points in history, it illustrates natural processes, and it presents opportunities for education and research.

We all value places for different reasons and heritage is expressed in our collective sense of value. Heritage enriches our lives and the loss of any item makes us all poorer.

Ryde Local Heritage Assistance Fund | Residential heritage properties - Apply anytime!

Do you need help looking after a residential heritage item or a contributory building in heritage conservation area?

Council runs a heritage assistance fund to support eligible residential property owners undertake approved minor works and maintenance and for the preparation of heritage management documents to help you care for and conserve our City of Ryde heritage houses.

Eligible projects may receive up to $15,000 towards the cost of caring for heritage houses. For more information on the heritage assistance fund and its eligibility criteria, read the Guidelines for Applicants(PDF, 3MB) or click on the tile below.