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Volunteer Recognition Awards

2019 Nominations are Now Open

Nominations for the 2019 Volunteer Recognition Awards are now open. To nominate someone you think has made an outstanding contribution to the community, complete and submit our Online Nomination Form or download a paper copy of the Nomination Form(PDF, 132KB) .  

Before completing the Nomination Form, please view the Conditions of Entry

Nominations close on Thursday 18 April 2019
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For more information please contact the Events Team on 02 9952 8222. 

About the event

Every year a committed and largely unseen army of volunteers give of their time and skills to enhance and uplift the life of the community within the City of Ryde.
The annual Volunteer Recognition Awards aim to acknowledge the contribution made by these unsung heroes.
The winners of the 2019 City of Ryde Volunteer Recognition Awards Night will be announced at a special evening in the Civic Hall on Thursday, 23 May 2019. 

Winners of the 2018 City of Ryde Volunteer Recognition Awards

Volunteer of the Year MARYANN WEBB

Maryann is the founder of the charity Project Kin, and has served voluntarily as Managing Director for the past three years. Maryann’s vision for Project Kin is to see a world where every child feels loved and is given a chance to play and learn, and where every woman is living a life, not determined by her past or limited by her surroundings, but a life which is purpose filled.

From humble beginnings in 2016 in which 10 volunteers met regularly to make Maryann’s vision a reality, today Project Kin boasts more than 500 volunteers and helps hundreds of women and children in need through the making and distribution of Play and Learn packs.

Each pack includes handmade dolls made by Project Kin’s dedicated volunteers and more than 200 packs have now been distributed to children in need. Maryann has seen firsthand how dolls impact children living in poverty and distress and knows the hope and love sewn into each doll made by Project Kin impacts a child far greater than any standard toy would.

The benefits for the women who make the dolls also cannot be understated, as this has provided an empowering avenue which instils purpose and hope to those going through hardship. Project Kin has also done a great job in creating a kind of sisterhood of women sewing across Ryde.  

Young Volunteer of the Year | MATEEN KHOLGI

Mateen is a driven young individual who has been an active member of the local Baha’i community both in Ryde and across South Eastern Australia. He has become a leader in running children and junior youth spiritual empowerment programs, which teaches spiritual education and engages local youth in meaningful conversation.

Mateen conducts children classes for the Baha’i community and has assisted families going through hardship. He also represented the Ryde community in the annual Youth Parliament of the World’s Religions and has participated in the ‘international day of peace’ and local summer camps to motivate youth to take steps towards uniting our communities.

Despite his young age, Mateen has formed excellent relationships with people of all ages not only in the community of Ryde but across NSW.  Through his fantastic volunteer work, Mateen has become an inspiration for the young people of Ryde as well as the Baha’i community. 

Volunteer Group of the Year | 5 FOR RYDE

Established by Jo Taranto and Corina Seeto just over a year ago, 5 For Ryde aims to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfill, particularly plastics, in the City of Ryde.  5 for Ryde has achieved a great deal in a relatively short time. They have signed up an astounding 77 cafes in the City of Ryde to their Responsible Cafes campaign, with each member taking steps to encourage their customers to use reusable cups

5 For Ryde has also been active in engaging with the community on how they can reduce the amount of plastic going into landfill. 5 For Ryde’s work in making the community aware of alternatives to using plastics encourages us all to be less reliant on them in our everyday life and is of great benefit to the environment in terms of reducing carbon emissions and what goes into landfill.

Phasing out our need for plastics means reduced oil extraction to make plastics and this will help in dealing with climate change. In addition, reducing the amount of plastics going into landfill is a great benefit to the community as our valuable bushland areas are protected from being turned into garbage dumps.

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