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Street Tree Planting

street tree planting

Getting Street Trees Planted

Council has a register of individual properties listed for plantings.

If you would like to request plantings on the road reserve directly adjacent to your property and add your name to the register, make a request online or contact Council's Customer Service on 9952 8222.

Street Trees 

Trees play an important role in the 'greening' of our City and are an invaluable asset for our community.  Trees will:
  • make your surroundings pleasant
  • provide relief from summer’s heat and reduce glare from the pavement
  • reduce runoff
  • improve air quality
  • increase the value of real estate. 

In 2012 the City of Ryde Council adopted a Street Tree Master Plan to strategically plant and manage public trees. Every year, guided by this document, a number of streets in Ryde are selected to have trees planted on the road reserve or naturestrip (streets determined by a priority matrix). 

Prior to planting trees on Council land there are a number of considerations and checks that are done to ensure the right tree is planted at the right location. These include:

  • Inspection of the planting site for services and availability of planting space
  • A dial before you dig is undertaken to reduce the instances of conflicts between services and trees.

Council sources tree stocks from reputable suppliers who grow according to acceptable nursery standards and the Australian Standard AS2303:2015 'Tree Stock for Landscape Use'. Stock quality and consistency of plantings are the reasons that we do not encourage residents to plant in Council road reserves. 

Caring for Street Trees

Council are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of street trees however residents can lend a helping hand by:

  • Watering regularly the newly planted street tree
  • Maintain the mulch circle around the base of the tree
  • Protect the tree from mower and whipper snipper damage.  

For more information about caring for newly planted trees visit the Tree Selection and Establishment page on our website. 

Last updated on 11 September 2019