Resident Parking Scheme (RPS)

New Online Resident Parking Scheme (RPS) System

From 30 May 2022, Council has changed the way you apply for, and renew your residential parking permits. Following community feedback, we have moved to a new online system. This means you will no longer receive a physical permit that needs to be displayed in your vehicle. Instead, your new permit will be a digital permit (ePermit) associated to your nominated vehicle’s registration.

What does this mean for me?

This means that any new or physical RPS parking permits due for renewal, will need to be applied for online, and if approved (granted), a new ePermit will be issued. 

If you currently have no permits or a permit expiring in the next two months and you are eligible, you can apply for an ePermit. If your permit expiry is greater than two months, please continue to use these permits until you receive a renewal reminder from Council.

How do I know if I am eligible for a parking ePermit and if so, how do I apply for one?

To see if your property is in a Resident Parking Scheme (RPS) Zone, click here.

If you are eligible, you will need to set up an online account to use the system. Following sign up you will be able to apply for your ePermit(s). As part of the application process you will still need to provide all the required documentation such as vehicle registration papers to support your application. For instructions on how to apply click here(PDF, 167KB).

How do I change the vehicle registration of my visitor parking ePermit?

To change the vehicle registration on your approved (granted) visitor parking ePermit, click here.

You will need to sign into your account, select the visitor permit from the drop-down list and click on the “Update vehicle” button.  You can then change the vehicle registration assigned to that permit.

When the registration has been updated, you will receive an email from ‘RPSpermit’ confirming the change to the permit.


Council's Resident Parking Scheme (RPS) includes a number of RPS zones to help manage the excess demand for on-street parking. The RPS zones have time limits for parking in residential streets, with a permit scheme to exempt residents who reside in these streets from these limits. The RPS has been designed to minimise all-day parking in residential streets by people other than residents of those streets. 

Parking in RPS zones are restricted to two hour periods between 8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday. Infringement notices are issued to unauthorised vehicles which exceed the signposted time limits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Council introduce a Permit Parking Scheme?

There has been a growing demand for parking in business areas, near bus stops and around educational facilities which causes parking issues in surrounding residential streets as motorists look for alternative locations to park their vehicles. A RPS zone creates two-hour parking time limits in residential streets but exempts residents from these time limits through the provision of parking permits. The Scheme helps address parking problems by minimising all-day parking in residential streets by people other than residents.

What parking controls apply in a RPS zone?

Council has introduced two-hour parking time limits within the RPS zones, with time restrictions applying between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday. At this stage, time restrictions do not apply on weekends or public holidays. The zones are patrolled by Council Rangers (Parking Enforcement Officers) and infringement notices are issued to those vehicles that exceed the two-hour time limit and have no valid permit associated with its registration.

What is a RPS Parking ePermit?

A parking ePermit is a digital permit for eligible residents, which is associated to a vehicle's registration. An approved (granted) ePermit associated to a vehicle's registration, exempts the resident from the time limits. Permit holders must still park in accordance with Road Rules 2014, within the designated zone and comply with the ePermit’s Conditions of use

How do I obtain a parking ePermit?

When a new RPS zone is created, residents are notified in writing that time-limited parking is going to be introduced in their area. Included in this notification is information on how to apply for an ePermit. New residents in areas where a RPS zone already exists should check the online system here for their eligibility to obtain a parking ePermit and if eligible, sign up and apply. Parking ePermits will only be offered to residents who meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the online system.

How many Parking ePermits can I have?

A free visitor parking ePermit (one only) is available per residential property. If you have less than two (2) off street parking spaces on your property i.e. no garage or driveway on your property, you may be entitled to a resident permit if you meet the eligibility requirements.

What is an eligible vehicle?

An eligible vehicle is one that is registered to your address and parked there during the week. This does not include caravans, box and boat trailers or vehicles heavier than 3-tonne.

Does a Parking ePermit guarantee me a parking space in front of my property?

No – but the parking restrictions should free up some of the spaces previously used by all-day parkers.

I am renting. Am I eligible for a Parking ePermit?

Yes – a free visitor parking ePermit (one only) is available to the occupant of the residence. You may use your vehicle registration papers / rental agreement as proof of occupancy.

I have regular visitors to my home who care for me / my children, can I obtain a Parking ePermit for these people?

The visitor parking ePermit can be used for these instances as the associated vehicle registration can be changed.

Where does the RPS apply?

Maps indicating the zones can be downloaded.

How can I have a RPS introduced in my street?

If available parking within your street is dramatically restricted due to all-day parking by non-residents, you should contact Council. Council staff will investigate and may conduct a survey of residents to determine if the area is suitable for introduction of the Permit Parking Scheme. Alternatively, you can complete a petition signed by the affected residents and forward it to Council for consideration. A petition format is available from Council.

Am I an eligible resident?

To be eligible you must be a permanent resident (including rental tenants) of a property located in a RPS zone. Proof of eligibility must be provided before a parking ePermit can be issued. 

Resident Parking Scheme Policy

The Resident Parking Scheme Policy aims to provide the Ryde municipality with a strategically planned and coordinated approach to residential parking areas. This Policy reflects the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) guidelines that outline the areas in Ryde which can be zoned as residential parking areas.

How can I find out more about the RPS?

Enquiries may be directed to Council’s Customer Service Centre on 9952 8222 between 8.00am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

I’m having trouble navigating the online system. How can I get help?

If you are accessing the system Monday – Friday: 8.00am – 5.30pm you can call our Customer Service team on 9952 8222 and when prompted press “2” for the resident parking team.  If it is outside these times, please email and we will respond to your query as soon as possible within business hours.