The City of Ryde’s sporting grounds floodlighting is a remote access system which enables designated users to activate and deactivate floodlights via their mobile phone during the period of their ground hire. Users can turn floodlights on/off at the time of ground hire or pre-program lights ahead of time to come on at the commencement of their hire period.

Council receive reports each time the floodlights are activated or attempted to be activated. Individual clubs are invoiced on a quarterly basis for their floodlight usage.

Tips for Authorised Floodlight Users

  • Remote access is only given to authorised users. Make sure the floodlight user has been pre-registered with council in advance (4 users per club). Clubs need to email the user’s name, mobile phone number, club and field through to sportandrecreation@ryde.nsw.gov.au. Please allow a minimum of 1 week prior to use so Council officers can configure them in the system
  • Save the phone number for the ground/s you use into the contact list on your mobile phone
  • Review the Remote Access Control of Floodlighting document in advance. Prepare the command activation code in advance
  • Do not use MMS (multi-media service) Only use simple SMS text
  • Important – Floodlights are not designed to be turned on and off frequently. Lights must remain on for a minimum of 30 minutes. Similarly, users need to allow at least 30 minutes between users to allow the lights to cool down before re-activation
  • For Deferred Activation please note that these commands can only be sent after 11am on the day of the booking
  • Don’t forget to turn the lights off at the end of your session! 
  • Going away or on a holiday? Ensure you make plans in advance for floodlight activation while you are away.

Trouble Shooting

  • Has the user and their mobile telephone been authorised by council to use the floodlighting, on that field and for that day? 
  • Double check - Have you used the correct command activation code with the correct punctuation? Wait 1 minute and try texting the command activation code again.
  • Still not working? Phone the Council’s After Hour’s Service on 9952 8222 which is in operation outside of business hours.