Callaghan Street Neighbourhood Centre Public Art Project


As part of the Centres and Neighbourhood program, in 2016/17, an upgrade at Callaghan Street Neighbourhood Centre, East Ryde was completed. Throughout the community consultation for this upgrade, an opportunity was identified to include a mural on a small wall that was included as part of the upgrade.

Muralisto was engaged to deliver this project through the public art budget. The project included two workshops with children at East Ryde Public School After Care Centre where the children participated in creative activities to inspire a design for the mural. These workshops were conducted by the Muralisto Team, Zoe Edema and Daniel Walton. 

The design features an artistic impression of a Superb Blue Wren and eucalypt leaf which are both native to the Ryde area. The style and colour palette of the design is in alignment with the character of the centre. 

This approach emphasised community involvement, and aimed to maximise benefits associated with participation in creative processes.and place making.

Location: Corner of Callaghan Street and Badajoz Road, Ryde 


Cnr of Callaghan St and Badajoz Rd, Ryde 2112  View Map

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