Origami Horses at Marsfield

Origami Horses Sculpture at Marsfield

The strong colour palate combined with LED lighting provides the community with enhanced visual experiences of the horses in the day and night.

Original location: Originally at the West Ryde Urban Village in Anthony Road, West Ryde
Project Funding: Coles
Project Artists: Milne and Stonehouse
Project Completion Date: July 2013

Horses played an important part in West Ryde’s history and were utilised for transport, companionship and leisure.

Once a rural town characterised by farmland and livestock, West Ryde has now transformed into a highly accessible area with a range of facilities to support the community.

The Origami Horses reflect a contemporary interpretation of West Ryde’s history and acknowledges the growth of the local area.

The three horses represent the stages of development in West Ryde and the last prancing horse is a celebration of West Ryde’s achievements to date.

Current location: Riding for the Disabled, 110 Culloden Road, Marsfield (relocated from 7 August 2017)

student work on origami horses

Student Collaboration

Given the sense of the community in West Ryde, children’s designs were sought and incorporated into the artwork.

Students from West Ryde Public School were asked to design patterns which inspired them about the West Ryde locality.

They responded with artwork influenced by the Parramatta River, the grid of West Ryde Streets and the isobars of a weather map. Their designs are now reflected in the playful patterns seen on the Origami Horses.