Graffiti Management

Graffiti is a problem everywhere, and the City of Ryde is no exception. This anti-social pastime defaces both public and private property. In NSW, any graffiti on public or private property is a criminal offence unless permission is given by the owner. It is punishable by imprisonment, community service orders or fines of up to $2,200.

Council is currently implementing the Graffiti Action Plan 2014-2016(PDF, 239KB) with the aim of reducing graffiti vandalism in the City of Ryde. To help us understand how to improve reporting and removal processes and identify opportunities for local programs to aid prevention of graffiti, we would like you to Have Your Say on Graffiti Vandalism.

Prevent Graffiti Vandalism

There are a number of things you can do to reduce the risk of graffiti vandalism to your property. Rapid removal of graffiti significantly reduces the chance of it recurring.

You can report graffiti found on public or private property to Council by completing the permission form below. We will assess the area however,  note not all graffiti on private property can be removed by us.

In addition, Council uses anti-graffiti paint wherever possible. This makes future removal much easier. Cost to Council, and ultimately to the community, for removal of graffiti is around $200,000 per year.

Report Graffiti Vandalism

If you see someone writing graffiti please report it immediately:

  • Police Assistance Line - 13 14 44
  • Crime Stoppers - 1800 333 000 (anonymous)

Report graffiti or vandalism on bus shelters:

  • Adshel Bus Shelters - 1800 501 402

Report graffiti on public land (e.g. park, Council building, carpark):

Report graffiti on private property (e.g. front fences/walls of private property):

For further information or to request graffiti removal on your property, contact Council's Customer Service on 9952 8222.