Safe Celebrating

It’s not called the silly season for nothing! Follow these simple tips to help you and your mates stay safe this holiday break and celebrate a very happy New Year.

Look After your Mates

We all love a good party with friends, but celebrations at this time of year can easily get out of hand. Stick together, keep an eye out for your mates and don’t be afraid to let them know when they’ve had too much to drink.

Have a Plan B

Drink driving is a factor in about one in every five crashes in NSW where someone loses their life. You don't have to be drunk to be affected by alcohol. If you plan to celebrate with a drink or two, make sure you know how you’re going to get home afterwards. Have a plan B – get the bus, catch a cab, arrange a lift or sleep it off at a friend’s place for the night.

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Drink Responsibly

It doesn’t take much to get into the holiday spirit. Eat plenty of food beforehand to ensure you don’t become intoxicated too quickly and be careful when letting strangers buy you drinks.

Know your limit and remember to alternate your drinks with non-alcoholic beverages or water to stay hydrated and avoid that two-day hangover feeling.

P.S. Don’t forget it’s illegal to supply alcohol to underage friends, if you’re over 18 you could be fined in excess of $6,000.

Party at your Place

Successful parties are often well planned. Avoiding gate-crasher attention is the key to a safe party at home. Never broadcast your party openly on social media, have a definite start and end time set, restrict the size of the party to those people you have personally invited, register your party with the local police and be wary of noise levels to avoid an unwanted visit from the boys and girls in blue.

Download this Safe Party Checklist(PDF, 58KB) from the NSW Police to ensure you have everything covered.

Check the Conditions

As a country girt by sea, we all love a trip to the beach. It pays to be particularly careful after a big night out or if you’ve recently consumed alcohol, giving you an inflated sense of confidence. Check the surf conditions before you enter the water and always swim on a patrolled beach, between the flags. Avoid night swimming and diving into areas where the depth is unknown.

Check out for surf cams and condition reports.

Have Fun, but be Prepared

Of course, we know you’ll have a great time this holiday season, but in the event of an accident or emergency, make sure you know what to do and who to call.

To report an emergency, phone 000. Non-urgent incidents can be reported on 131 444.