Past Centenary of ANZAC and World War I Committee

Please note: This Committee is no longer active. This information is provided for historical purposes only. 

Role and Responsibilities

The now inactive Centenary of ANZAC and World War I Committee provided advice, feedback and recommendations on appropriate promotion of the Spirit of ANZAC.

For more detailed information download the Centenary of Anzac and World War 1 Committee Terms of Reference(PDF, 128KB).

Past Agendas and Minutes

Agenda Minutes
15 February 2018(PDF, 75KB) 15 February 2018(PDF, 172KB)
2 November 2017(PDF, 71KB) 2 November 2017(PDF, 130KB)
7 September 2017(PDF, 71KB) 7 September 2017(PDF, 176KB)
3 August 2017(PDF, 72KB)   3 August 2017(PDF, 203KB)  
6 April 2017(PDF, 71KB) 6 April 2017(PDF, 155KB)
9 March 2017(PDF, 71KB) 9 March 2017(PDF, 287KB)
23 February 2017(PDF, 70KB) 23 February 2017(PDF, 247KB)
3 November 2016(PDF, 70KB)   3 November 2016(PDF, 203KB)  
20 October 2016(PDF, 70KB)   20 October 2016(PDF, 110KB)  
11 August 2016(PDF, 70KB)   11 August 2016(PDF, 173KB)  
14 July 2016(PDF, 70KB)   14 July 2016(PDF, 158KB)  
19 May 2016(PDF, 71KB)   19 May 2016(PDF, 161KB)  
17 March 2016(PDF, 15KB)   17 March 2016(PDF, 151KB)  
4 June 2015 4 June 2015(PDF, 135KB)
14 May 2015 14 May 2015(PDF, 135KB)
2 April 2015 2 April 2015(PDF, 109KB)
26 February 2015 26 February 2015(PDF, 122KB)

More Information

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