Council meeting summary - 27 September 2022

Published on 06 October 2022

Council held its latest Ordinary meeting on 27 September 2022. The following is a summary of the outcomes from the meeting:

New Deputy Mayor

Council elected Clr Sarkis Yedelian OAM to the office of Deputy Mayor. Clr Yedelian briefly thanked the Councillors for supporting him in his election. Clr Yedelian is the city’s longest-serving Councillor and this is the third time he has served as Deputy Mayor. Clr Yedelian will replace outgoing Deputy Mayor Clr Roy Maggio. Clr Yedelian will serve as Deputy Mayor until September 2023.

Minute of Silence for Queen Elizabeth II

Council held a minute of silence to reflect on the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Council has created an online condolence book for members of the public to write messages of sympathy and support. The book will be forwarded to Buckingham Palace.

Gladesville Ravens Crowned 2022 Women’s FNSW Champions

Council congratulated Gladesville Raven’s National Premier League team for recently being crowned FNSW champions. Council will invite the team to be presented with a plaque and certificate of thanks at the Council meeting to be held on 22 November 22, 2022.

Submission to City of Parramatta on Melrose Park Development

Council will make a submission to City of Parramatta to address concerns around traffic and open space impacts in relation to the Melrose Park Development. Council will also request that in the future planning agreement with the State Government that City of Ryde be included as a major stakeholder in projects which impact the City of Ryde road network and residents.

Integrity, Transparency and Governance

Council will review its communications and engagement strategy to continue development of real-time digital information to be published on its platforms. The Council will continue to deepen its engagement with the community and through the annual review of Council’s fees and charges will demonstrate evaluation has been undertaken to minimise the contribution required from rates to provide council services. It will also provide qualitative information to convey the outcomes of its community grants program to ensure transparency for the community.

Draft Financial Statements

Council will release the draft 2021/22 financial statements for external audit purposes. 

Policies for Public Exhibition

Council endorsed the public exhibition of a number of policy and strategy documents including the draft Urban Forest Strategy, the draft Petitions Policy and the draft Councillor Expenses and Facilities Policy. The draft Urban Forest Strategy outlines projects for escalating tree planting and protection initiatives and activities both by the Council and wider community.

The draft Petitions Policy provides a governance framework for how community representation through petitions will be dealt with by Council.

The draft Councillor Expenses and Facilities Policy ensures that City of Ryde Councillors have access to reasonable facilities and support so they can fulfil their civic duties, while also ensuring accountability, transparency and equity.

Council speaks against Azerbaijan ceasefire violations

The Council has condemned Azerbaijan's violations of the Nagorno Karabakh ceasefire agreement, including Azerbaijan’s most recent offensive on 28 July 2022 and on 12th September 2022 against the sovereign borders of the Republic of Armenia. Council recognises the concerns of the Armenian-Australian community regarding violations of human rights law. The Council will write to Federal Member Jerome Laxale and State Member Victor Dominello to advocate and call for a cease to hostilities.

Council speaks against Iranian Violence

The Council has condemned the Iranian Government’s violent reactions to protests over the past 10 days. The Council recognises the concerns of the Persian-Australian community regarding the brutality of the Government’s actions. The Council will write to Federal Member Jerome Laxale and State Member Victor Dominello to advocate and call for an end to the violence against the protestors.

Re-establishment of Alcohol-Free Zones

Council endorsed the re-establishment of Alcohol-Free Zones (AFZ) in five identified areas across the City of Ryde, with the AFZs temporarily suspended for any Council events. The AFZs will be re-established in the following areas: West Ryde Bus Interchange, Meadowbank (encompassing Bowden Street and Bay Drive, including Meadowbank Ferry Wharf), Eastwood Town Centre, Trim Place and Coulter Street (between Trim Place and Linsley Street), Gladesville and West Ryde Plaza (between Anthony Road and Market Street).

The Alcohol-Free Zones will be temporarily suspended for any Council events.

Live Outdoor Screening of FIFA World Cup 2022

Council endorsed the live outdoor screening of the FIFA World Cup game between Australia and Tunisia. The live screening will take place at ELS Hall Park Field 2 on Saturday 26 November at 9.00pm.

A further report will be brought to Council in February 2023 for the live screening of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Quarterly Report on Development Applications

Council noted the quarterly report detailing development applications approved in the period of 1 April to 30 June 2022 with a variation under Clause 4.6 of Ryde Local Environment Plan.  

Cost Estimates for West Ward By-Election

Council noted the cost estimates for the West Ward by-election, to be held on 15 October 2022. Council also endorsed the allocation of funds from the Election Reserve.

Protecting wildlife

Council noted the potential harm to wildlife caused by entanglement in backyard fruit tree netting and will write to the Minister for Agriculture to request a ban on unsafe netting.

Reducing Harassment in Local Government

Council endorsed a motion submitted for consideration at the 2022 Local Government NSW Annual Conference on surveying of bullying and harassment within local government. The motion calls for the NSW State Government to undertake a state-wide survey of elected Councillors and local government staff on bullying, harassment and intimidation in order to improve workplace and Councillor safety

Council notes report from Australian Local Government Women’s Association

Council noted the information included in the report submitted by Clr Pedersen regarding her attendance at the 2022 Australian Local Government Women’s Association NSW Annual Conference between 7-9 July 2022.

Road Safety

Council endorsed recommendations by the Ryde Traffic Committee from the meeting held in August 2022, with a road safety audit to also be undertaken on the intersection of Malvina Street and Forrest Road in Ryde. Council will commission an independent road safety audit to be undertaken at the roundabout at the intersection of Charles Street and Parry Street, Putney, to assess safety risks. Council will also investigate the inclusion of safer and accessible kiss and ride zones near train stations in the next iteration of its Integrated Transport Strategy.

Council Thanks SES

Council passed a motion to thank the NSW State Emergency Service (SES) Ryde Unit for their work in assisting City of Ryde residents throughout this year’s unprecedented weather conditions.

Ryde Hospital Development

Council passed a motion in support of the redevelopment of Ryde Hospital. Council staff have submitted a comprehensive submission detailing community concerns regarding traffic, heritage, trees and site configuration. The Council will organise a briefing with NSW Health, so that Councillors can review the site and discuss the concerns.

Tree Safety

Council will conduct a site inspection of 2 Nelson Street, Gladesville, to discuss safety concerns regarding a tree.

Click here(PDF, 390KB) to read the minutes of 27 September 2022 Council meeting.