Ryde 2028 Community Strategic Plan

What is the Plan?

The Ryde 2028 Community Strategic Plan is a long term strategy for you, our community. It has been called Lifestyle and Opportunity @ your doorstep portraying the vision for the City of Ryde as the place to be.

It aims to ensure that the City of Ryde lives up to your aspirations while meeting the challenges of our future. Ultimately we wish our city to be recognised by our residents, visitors and businesses as a great place to be where lifestyle and opportunities are available close to where people live, work and play.

In order to deliver on the long term strategic plan, Council has a shorter term Four Year Delivery Plan which includes a One Year Operational Plan. The broad range of services and projects planned over the next four years are listed here. Also shown are the budgeted amounts allocated for the ongoing delivery of our services as well as the important projects planned for completion over the next 4 years and in particular the next 12 months.
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End of Term Report (2012-2017)

This report has been prepared to meet the Integrated Planning and Reporting requirements of the Local Government Act 1993. It is a report from the outgoing Council to the community on its achievements and effectiveness in meeting the objectives of the previous Ryde 2025 Community Strategic Plan. 

Your Comments and Feedback

We welcome feedback and comment at all times in regard to the Community Strategic Plan and supporting documents, please feel free to contact us by: