Animal Welfare and Rescue

Vet checking cats heartbeat

Council supports and greatly appreciates the excellent work carried out by local welfare organisations and vet clinics.

The Companion Animals Act 1998 allows surrendered animals to be re-homed straight away. When animals are surrendered to Council, rangers liaise with local organisations including 'No Kill Pet Rescue' and 'Cat Rescue' to assist with re-homing.

Similarly when young kittens are collected, they are often transported to Ryde or West Ryde Vets who have purpose-built facilities to provide them with the required level of care.

If you are wishing to welcome a pet into your family, why not consider adopting from one of these worthwhile organisations:

Local Organisations

Other Animal Adoption Organisations

Desexing Assistance

Council encourages responsible pet owners to consider desexing their pets. Desexing prevents unwanted litters and is also considered to have positive health and behavioural benefits for your pet.

The following organisations may be able to provide assistance with the cost of desexing your pet (conditions apply):

Animal Cruelty

Any person wishing to make a complaint about cruelty should be advised to contact the following:

  • RSPCA or phone 1300 278 358
  • Animal Welfare League or phone (02) 8899 3333
  • Local Police Stations - Ryde 9808 7499, Eastwood 9858 5944, Gladesville 9879 9699
  • Local vet clinic

The RSPCA website provides more information about proper care and management of dogs.

Acts of violence towards animals, neglect, psychological harm and failing to provide proper care for animals may be considered as forms of animal cruelty.  The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 is administered by the RSPCA and Animal Welfare League.