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Estuarine Swamp Oak Forest

Estuarine Swamp Oak Forest occurs immediately above tidal influence, in the zone between mangroves to forests and woodlands. It is found in the area that fringes the margins of saline water bodies.

An Endangered Community

Estuarine Swamp Oak Forest is listed as an Endangered Ecological Community under the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995.

Native Species List

Common Name 

Botanical Name

Approximate Height

Swamp She-Oak  Casuarina glauca  15-20m 
Small Trees     
Grey Mangrove  Avicennia marina  4-5m 
Ground Covers     
Salt Bush  Atriplex australasica   
Bare Twig-rush  Baumea juncea   
Common Reed  Phragmites australis   
Creeping Brookweed  Samolus repens   
Salt Grass  Sporobolus virginicus   
Hop Goodenia  Goodenia ovata   
Sea Rush  Juncus kraussii   
Austral Seablite  Suaeda australis   
Warrigal Spinach  Tetragonia tetragonioides   
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Last updated on 23 August 2018