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Coastal Enriched Sandstone Dry Forest

Coastal Enriched Sandstone Dry Forest is commonly encountered on the upper slopes and dry gullies of Sydney urban areas. It is a tall open eucalypt forest with an understorey of dry sclerophyll shrubs with ferns and herbaceous flowering plants amongst the ground cover. It is widespread on the Hornsby plateau and in areas that receive greater than 1000 millimetres of average annual rainfall.

Native Species List

Common Name 

Botanical Name 

Approximate Height

Smooth-bark Apple  Angophora costata  15-25m 
Red Bloodwood  Corymbia gummifera  20-30m 
Sydney Peppermint  Eucalyptus piperita  15m 
Blackbutt  Eucalyptus pilularis  20-30m 
Turpentine  Syncarpia glomulifera  30m 
Small Trees     
Black She-oak  Allocasuarina littoralis   
Old-man Banksia  Banksia serrata   
Blueberry Ash  Elaeocarpus reticulatus   
Sweet Pittosporum  Pittosporum undulatum   
Christmas Bush  Ceratopetalum gummiferum   
Sweet Wattle  Acacia suaveolens   
Sunshine Wattle  Acacia terminalis   
Prickly Moses  Acacia ulicifolia   
Hairpin Banksia  Banksia spinulosa   
Large-leaf Hop-bush  Dodonaea triquetra   
Flaky-barked Tea-tree  Leptospermum trinervium   
Crinkle Bush  Lomatia silaifolia   
Broad-leaved Geebunk  Persoonia levis   
Ground Covers     
Blue Flax-lily  Dianella caerulea   
Wiry Panic  Entolasia stricta   
Spiny-headed mat-rush  Lomandra longifolia   
Bracken Fern  Pteridium esculentum   
Woolly Xanthosia  Xanthosia pilosa   
Vines and Climbers     
Apple Dumplings  Billardiera scandens   
Devil's Twine  Cassytha pubescens   
Sweet Sarsparilla  Smilax glyciphylla   
Location in City of Ryde


Last updated on 23 August 2018