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Coastal Sandstone Foreshores Forest

Coastal Sandstone Foreshores Forest is found on sheltered sandstone slopes along the foreshores of Sydney’s major waterways and coastal escarpments. It is an open forest with a moist shrub layer and a ground cover of ferns, rushes and grasses.

The flora of this community has a maritime influence given its exposure to prevailing sea breezes. A prominent layer of hardy mesic small trees and shrubs is present.

This forest is restricted to sandstone soils derived from either Hawkesbury or Narrabeen geology. Coastal Sandstone Foreshores Forest occurs in areas with an average rainfall of more than 1100mm per year.

Native Species List

Common Name 

Botanical Name 

Approximate Height

Sydney Red Gum  Angophora costata  15-25m 
Coast Banksia  Banksia integrifolia  6-16m 
Sydney Peppermint  Eucalyptus piperita  15m 
Bangalay  Eucalyptus botryoides  20-30m 
Blackbutt  Eucalyptus pilularis  20-30m 
Small Trees     
Cheese Tree  Glochidion ferdinandi   
Sweet Pittsoporum  Pittosporum undulatum   
Black She-Oak  Allocasuarina littoralis   
Sydney Golden Wattle  Acacia longifolia   
Coffee Bush  Breynia oblongifolia   
Hop Bush  Dodonaea triquetra   
Blueberry Ash  Elaeocarpus reticulatus   
Mutton Wood  Myrsine variabilis   
Mock Olive  Notelaea longifolia   
Elderberry Panax  Polyscias sambucifolia   
Ground Covers     
Blue Flax Lily  Dianella caerulea   
Right-angle Grass  Entolasia stricta   
Blady Grass  Imperata cylindrica var. major   
Variable Sword-sedge  Lepidosperma laterale   
Spiny Headed Mat Rush  Lomandra longifolia   
Weeping Grass  Microlaena stipoides var. stipoides   
Native Tussock Grass  Poa affinis   
White Root  Pratia purpurascens   
Bracken  Pteridium esculentum   
Kangaroo Grass  Themeda australis   
Broadleaf Grass Tree  Xanthorrhoea arborea   
Vines and Climbers     
Apple Dumplings  Billardiera scandens   
Love Creeper  Glycine clandestina   
Wonga Wonga Vine  Pandorea pandorana   
Native Sarsaparilla  Smilax glyciphylla   
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Last updated on 23 August 2018