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Coastal Shale-Sandstone Forest

Coastal Shale-Sandstone Forest is often a tall open eucalypt forest with sparse layer of dry shrubs and a grassy ground cover. A diverse range of grasses, rushes and herbs provide a continuous ground cover.

Coastal Shale-Sandstone Forest is found in areas that have clay-influenced soils with residual shale capping and receive an average annual rainfall of more than 900mm.

Native Species List

Common Name 

Botanical Name 

Approximate Height

Smooth-Bark Apple  Angophora costata 15-25m 
Red Bloodwood  Corymbia gummifera  20-30m 
Blackbutt  Eucalyptus pilularis  20-30m 
Turpentine  Syncarpia glomulifera  30m 
Red Mahogany  Eucalyptus resinifera  20-30m 
Small Trees     
Sweet Pittosporum  Pittosporum undulatum   
Black She-oak  Allocasuarina littoralis   
White Wattle  Acacia linifolia   
Hairpin Banksia  Banksia spinulosa   
Spiny Bossiaea  Bossiaea obcordata   
Large-leaf Hop-bush  Dodonaea triquetra   
Forest goodenia  Goodenia hederacea   
Needlebush  Hakea sericea   
Flaky-barked Tea-tree  Leptospermum trinervium   
Many-flowered Mat-rush  Lomandra multiflora   
Crinkle Bush  Lomatia silaifolia   
Broad-leaved Geebung  Persoonia levis   
Elderberry Ash  Polyscias sambucifolia   
Ground Covers     
Tall Speargrass  Austrostipa pubescens   
Dwarf Brunoniella  Brunoniella pumilio   
Blue Flax-lily  Dianella caerulea  
Wiry Panic  Entolasia stricta   
Blady Grass  Imperata cylindrica var. major   
Twisted Mat Rush  Lomandra obliqua   
Weeping Grass  Microlaena stipoides var. stipoides   
Thyme Spurge Phyllanthus hirtellus   
Kangaroo Grass  Themeda australis   
Vines and Climbers     
Apple Dumplings  Billardiera scandens   
Devil’s Twine  Cassytha pubescens   
Sweet Sarsaparilla  Smilax glyciphylla   
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Last updated on 23 August 2018