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Sydney Foreshores Shale Forest

Sydney Foreshore Shale Forest is a tall open eucalypt forest with a sparse shrub layer and a dense cover of ground covers, vines and climbers. It occurs on shale-enriched sandstone, on crests and slopes near waterways. Sydney Foreshores Shale Forest occurs at elevations between 6 to 20 metres above sea level.

The only patch of this vegetation community in Ryde can be found at Memorial Park, Meadowbank.

Native species list

Common Name

Botanical Name

Approx. Height




Smooth-Bark Apple

Angophora costata


Grey Gum

Eucalyptus punctata


Forest Red Gum

Eucalyptus tereticornis


Small Trees



Black She-Oak

Allocasuarina littoralis


Black Wattle

Acacia mearnsii


Mock Olive

Notelaea longifolia



Duboisia myoporoides



Myrsine variabilis





Tick Bush Kunzea ambigua 1-3m
Coffee Bush Breynia oblongifolia 1-2m
Prickly Heath Leucopogon juniperinus  
Ground Covers    

Three-awn Speargrass

Aristida vagans


Kidney Herb

Dichondra repens


Right-angle Grass

Entolasia stricta


Prickly Heath

Leucopogon juniperinus


Weeping Grass

Microlaena stipoides var. stipoides


White Root

Pratia purpurascens


Rough Saw-sedge

Gahnia aspera


Variable Sword-sedge

Lepidosperma laterale


Spiny Headed Mat Rush

Lomandra longifolia


Slender-leaf Basket Grass

Oplismenus imbecillis


Small Poranthera

Poranthera microphylla


Creeping Speedwell

Veronica plebeia


Small Flower Finger Grass

Digitaria parviflora


Brown’s Love Grass

Eragrostis brownii


Stinking Pennwort

Hydrocotyle laxiflora


Blady Grass

Imperata cylindrica var. major


Basket Grass

Oplismenus aemulus


Yellow Wood-sorrel

Oxalis perennans


Forest Hedgehog Grass

Echinopogon ovatus


Bordered Panic

Entolasia marginata


Wattle Mat Rush

Lomandra filiformis


Slender Panic

Paspalidium distans


Native Violet

Viola hederacea


Vines and Climbers



Love Creeper

Glycine microphylla


Scrambling Lily

Geitonoplesium cymosum


Apple Dumplings

Billardiera scandens


Golden Guinea Flower

Hibbertia scandens


location in city of ryde


Last updated on 25 February 2019