Porters ECoMRF Construction Waste Recycling

Large mound of sand

Porters Environmental Construction Materials Recycling Facility (ECoMRF), also known as Porters Creek, is Council’s construction waste recycling facility.  It is located at 162 Wicks Road, Macquarie Park.

The facility recycles thousands of tonnes of asphalt and concrete waste annually, meeting NSW EPA waste minimisation directives, and affording large savings to the City of Ryde in disposal and new material costs.

Waste is processed and on-sold to commercial customers, and recycled for use in Council construction projects such as for footpaths, roads and other infrastructure. 

Concrete and Asphalt Disposal

Porters ECoMRF is a cost-effective, safe and effective way to dispose of construction materials such as concrete and asphalt. Processed recycled materials such as crushed asphalt and crushed concrete (10mm and 20mm agg) are also available for purchase.

The facility services commercial customers such as landscaping and construction companies, and is closed to the general public. Contact us on 0466 393 839 to discuss your needs and set up an account with us.


Your vehicle will be weighed upon entry and exit and the tipping fee will be calculated based on the weight.

Type Cost
Asphalt disposal - tipping fee $18 per tonne (ex-GST)
Concrete disposal - tipping fee  $16 per tonne (ex-GST)