Council Resolution 12 May 2015

Published on 13 May 2015

At its meeting 12 May 2015, Council Resolved to:

'(a) That Council endorses proceeding to an EOI process in respect of the Ryde Bowling Club as detailed in Option 4 in the report, for the long term use of the community facility known as the Ryde Bowling Club, seeking to accommodate a mix of community and recreational uses that are permissible under the current zoning, subject to public access being provided for community use. 

(b) That Council notes the outcomes of the community consultation regarding 33-41 Blaxland Road Ryde and endorses proceeding with Option 2 as detailed in the report, to the next stage of the project which is to provide a detailed report to the Office of Local Government and report any assessment details provided back to Council. 

(c) That Council note and endorse the outcome of the Community consultation process.