Council Resolution - 30 October 2018

Published on 22 November 2018

At its meeting held on Tuesday 30 October, Council resolved the following: 

i. Implement the permanent full closure of College Street.

ii. Liaise with RMS to install a no through road sign on the western approach to Frank Street on Victoria Road and install a turning circle on the western side of the College Street closure.

iii. Facilitate a pedestrian safety audit exploring pedestrian access to the school at the Buffalo and Cressy Road intersection.

In addition, Council resolved: 

(a) That Council consider designing a neighbourhood community market garden incorporating the closure to benefit the community.

(b) That staff provide a report to Council as to the viability of the proposed project which is to include details regarding;

i. Community consultation
ii. Scope, site suitability, project viability and timing of the project
iii. Possible workshop to assist the neighbourhood to grow and maintain the market garden if approved
iv. Possible funding options for the garden from Bunnings