Draft Bicycle Strategy and Action Plan 2022-2030

Submissions closed on 31 March 2022, 11:59 PM


The City of Ryde is updating its Bicycle Strategy and Bicycle Action Plan 2022-2030.

The draft Bicycle Strategy provides a framework and set of principles for the planning, design, improvement and management of Council’s network of pathways and trails. It also provides a framework for encouraging greater involvement of residents, community organisations, and government in the development of walking, cycling and other pathway related activities and opportunities.

Walking and cycling are integral to our transport system and successful places. Walking and cycling for commuting and short trips relieve pressure on our roads and public transport networks and are part of a healthy lifestyle for our communities. Well-planned, inviting pathways and trails will encourage people to be more active as part of their daily routine and as a result derive some of the social, health and wellbeing, environmental and economic benefits that come with walking and cycling.

The updated Bicycle Strategy reflects the different reasons people walk and cycle and it is important to understand and plan for facilities that support these different needs. The Strategy also considers the spectrum of devices (micromobility) that people may choose which accommodate a range of abilities such as the hand-bike, e-bike, scooters; as well as the emergence of micro-freight vehicles that could also utilise the bicycle network.

The Strategy also aims to inform Council’s service and capital works priorities and will assist in ensuring that the provision for pathway and trail related activities are sustainable into the future.

The Ryde Bicycle Action Plan sets out the infrastructure strategy to progress the 2022 bicycle plan to meet the needs of current and future planned communities living and working in Ryde Council. This involves setting out the recommended bicycle treatment types and facilities; and offering a strategy to deliver new infrastructure and upgrades across the local government area. 

Council is seeking your input to achieve the best outcome for the Strategy and Action Plan update.

Hard Copies of the Documents

Hard copies of the Draft Bicycle Strategy and Action Plan 2022-2030 are available to be viewed at:

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    1 Pope St, Ryde
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