Draft DCP 2014 - Part 4.5 Macquarie Park Corridor

Submissions closed on 29 April 2015, 11:59 PM


What is a Draft Development Control Plan (DCP)

A Development Control Plan is a document which contains a set of detailed planning and design guidelines that complements the controls of a local environmental plan (LEP).

What is the Purpose of Draft DCP 2014 – Part 4.5 Macquarie Park Corridor?

Ryde DCP – Part 4.5 Macquarie Park Corridor was bought into effect in 2008 to give guidance and detail to:

  • Proposed new road location and designs to assist with congestion, walkability and connectivity
  • Proposed new park locations and sizes to help expand the public domain and provide new facilities for residents, visitors and workers in Macquarie Park
  • Proposed precincts centred on the rail stations within the corridor.
  • Create a high quality, well designed and activated centre.

The purpose of the Draft DCP 2014 – Part 4.5 Macquarie Park Corridor is to:

  • Ensure the controls are consistent with Ryde LEP (Amendment 1) Macquarie Park Corridor
  • Update the access and open space networks
  • Update the controls in relation to NSW Government legislative changes for example the North Ryde Station Urban Activation Precinct and City of Ryde Policy
  • Give greater clarity to the existing controls.