Draft Integrated Transport Strategy 2041

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The Integrated Transport Strategy 2041 (the Strategy) represents a new direction for the City of Ryde. The Strategy explores the future of local transport and land use, examining the impacts of a growing population and an expanding economy. The Strategy seeks to align with recent Sydney-wide transport and land use plans, including Future Transport 2056 and Greater Sydney Service and Infrastructure Plan 2056, whilst setting the framework to ensure major projects are considered for delivery earlier.

A ‘balanced’ mix of 58 priority transport projects is proposed, including active transport (walking and cycling), public transport and road projects. Recommended transport projects range from medium sized local area improvements right through to large infrastructure projects. Opportunities to use technology to influence the way we travel are also explored. Some of these projects are for delivery, while others are identified for further investigation.

Importantly, the Strategy considers how projects might be funded and who should lead them. While some projects are already in development and delivery, the Strategy aims to find ways to have much needed transport projects built sooner than may otherwise be the case.   

The Strategy builds on Council’s previously adopted transport and land use strategies, identifying and prioritising major transport infrastructure and services that will improve the customer experience and sustainably accommodate future demand.

The Strategy adopts a ‘movement and place’ approach, focusing on maximising the efficiency of people movement (over vehicle movement) and achieving outcomes that make successful places. The Strategy seeks to increase alternatives to car use for all types of trips.

Council wants to actively engage with the community and hear relevant feedback on the key strategies and projects outlined in the document. There are a number of ways to engage with Council during the ‘Have your say’ phase, and you are encouraged to participate and shape the future transport system for our city.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of City of Ryde having an Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS)?

The Integrated Transport Strategy 2041 (ITS) looks to the future and considers what needs to be done to accommodate expected population and employment growth.

By planning for the future, City of Ryde can help make it easier to move around without using a private vehicle. This means more sustainable travel and less congestion on the roads, creating better places for people.

Who has been consulted to date?

City of Ryde has consulted widely, both internally and externally with subject matter experts. This provided many perspectives and helped the project team focus on key areas for improvement.

External consultation has been undertaken with State transport and planning agencies, surrounding Councils, business and representative groups, including those representing Macquarie Park.

Does this ITS fit in with other plans for Sydney?

Yes – the draft ITS identifies a range of strategies and plans that are relevant, including Future Transport 2056 and Greater Sydney Service and Infrastructure Plan 2056. These strategies, as well as the North District Plan, set out Sydney’s planning direction for the next 35 years.

The Sydney area is expected to develop as a metropolis of three distinct cities, with City of Ryde being considered part of the Eastern Harbour City but with strong linkages to the Central River City centred on Parramatta.

There are some projects identified in Future Transport 2056 which we believe should be investigated earlier than is currently proposed in the State planning document.


What does the ITS aim to achieve?

ity of Ryde’s current ITS was released in 2016, and recommended a range of transport improvements, many smaller in nature, designed to get more out of Ryde’s existing transport network.

The new draft ITS focuses on commencing investigations into major, ‘game-changing’ infrastructure that will make a significant difference to the lives of our residents, whilst also identifying a number of smaller projects aimed at reducing reliance on the private vehicle by providing more transport choices.

These initiatives would not only improve travel experiences, but also help the environment. While providing better transport facilities, the draft ITS encourages travellers to consider active and public transport for all types of trips.

City of Ryde is also releasing a Sustainable Transport Strategy that assesses current technologies and provides advice on how to change personal travel behaviour.

What does the draft ITS recommend?

The draft ITS identifies 58 priority transport projects to create the transport network that Ryde LGA needs for the future, the majority being infrastructure improvements.

While some projects are longer term, the majority are proposals that can start being actioned in the short-term.

Importantly, the draft ITS identifies who needs to be involved in each project and what needs to be done next.

What are the next steps in finalising the ITS?

The public consultation period will extend from the beginning of December 2021 to 6 February 2022, providing plenty of time for interested individuals and organisations to provide input.

All feedback received will be carefully considered and changes made to the Strategy where appropriate.

The draft ITS will then be returned to Council for final endorsement, with the final ITS released in early to mid 2022.

What if I want to suggest how my street or local area should be improved?

The draft ITS is best described as a high-level, strategic document. A broad range of projects have been recommended, including some smaller local area improvements. However, the focus in the infrastructure list is the larger projects which will require a significant amount of effort to bring to fruition.

The draft ITS is not a definitive guide to every transport improvement that City of Ryde will undertake during the next 20 years.

Residents continue to have the option of contacting Council separately to suggest local transport network improvements, and staff will continue to work to deliver many smaller scale improvements not specifically identified in the ITS.

How can I provide feedback on the draft ITS?

Feedback can be provided via the ‘Have your say’ section of the City of Ryde website, or via Council’s email address. If you have any questions or wish to discuss your feedback prior to submission, please contact Council’s Senior Coordinator – Transport Planning on (02) 9952 8199. All feedback received will be considered.


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