Licence to Putney Tennyson Bowling & Community Club, Morrison Bay Park

Submissions closed on 20 October 2017, 04:30 PM


Council is proposing to grant a further licence of part of Morrison Bay Park, known as 68 Frances Road, Putney (comprising 8,880 sqm), to the Putney Tennyson Bowling and Community Club Ltd for activities associated with the operation of their community bowling club for a term of Five (5) years.

In accordance with the Local Government Act, Council invites you to have your say on the proposed granting of the licence.


Submissions must be in writing and clearly marked 'Licence of Part of Morrison Bay Park, reference PPM2008/269'.

They can be lodged as follows:

Post: Acting General Manager, City of Ryde, Locked Bag 2069, North Ryde NSW 1670.
Closing date for submissions is 4.30pm on Friday 20 October 2017.

It is Council policy that all submissions received will be publicly accessible on request. Supplying your personal information is voluntary. However, anonymous submissions may be given less weight (or no weight) in the overall consideration of the lease proposal.

For more information on this proposal call Council’s Property Section on 9952 8337.

If you require more information about the licence to Putney Tennyson Bowling and Community Club, Morrison Bay Park please call our Customer Service Centre on 9952 8222.