Proposal to re-establish Alcohol Free Zones

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The City of Ryde is proposing to re-establish four Alcohol Free Zones that have expired, under Section 646, of the Local Government Act 1993 and in accordance with NSW Ministerial Guidelines.


The Alcohol Free Zones to be re-established are located in the following four areas:

  • Trim Place and Coulter Street, between Trim Place and Linsley Street, Gladesville;
  • West Ryde Bus interchange;
  • Meadowbank Wharf, encompassing Bowden Street and Bay Drive; and
  • Eastwood Town Centre, within the area bounded by Glen Street, Lakeside Road, Wingate Avenue, West Parade, Coolgun Lane, Progress Avenue, Hillview Lane, Rowe Street, Trelawney Street, Shaftsbury Road, Rutledge Street, First Avenue, East Parade, Railway Parade, Rowe Lane, Station Lane, Ethel Street, Ethel Lane, May Lane, May Street and the western side of Blaxland Road (see map below)


Why is Council re-establishing these Alcohol Free Zones?

Council has received a request from Ryde Police Area Command to continue the enforcement of Alcohol Free Zones at all four locations for a further four years, as provided for in the Ministerial Guidelines on Alcohol Free Zones.

The Police have noted the success of the Alcohol Free Zones in reducing alcohol related crime and anti-social behaviour, but have indicated that alcohol remains a factor in these areas for crimes. In re-establishing these Alcohol Free Zones it will provide acontinued deterrent to these behaviours and to enable the seizure and disposal of alcohol from persons who choose to consume alcohol on the street.


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