Removal of 'Right Turn Only' at Myra Avenue

Submissions closed on 12 April 2019, 11:59 PM


The City of Ryde is proposing to remove the ‘Right Turn Only’ condition at the driveway of Northcross Christian School to allow cars to turn left or right when exiting the school. The purpose of this proposal is to reduce the localised congestion in Myra Avenue between Lane Cove Road and the school driveway, and the resulting congestion and safety concerns in Dobson Crescent.   

Why is this change being considered?

Council has recently reviewed the traffic and safety conditions around Northcross Christian College, in particular the congestion on Dobson Crescent during Pick-up and Drop-off times. The major cause of this congestion and the related safety concerns is the ‘Right Turn Only’ condition at the school exit onto Myra Avenue, and the limited capacity in Myra Avenue between the school driveway and Lane Cove Road to accommodate this traffic.


Use the online submission form below to provide feedback on the proposed removal of the 'Right Turn Only' at Myra Avenue. All submissions must be received by Friday 12 April 2019.

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