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The City of Ryde is committed to delivering quality customer service and to communicating effectively with our community. We realise that sometimes, despite our best efforts, people may not be happy with the way we have performed a service.

We encourage the community to provide us with feedback on our staff and our services to understand and address issues we otherwise might not know about.

Customer feedback may range from letters and/or cards expressing gratitude or suggestions on improvement, through to complaints about the services provided by Council and Council’s staff.

View the Providing Feedback Brochure(PDF, 153KB).

View the Customer Service Charter(PDF, 139KB).

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The City of Ryde welcomes compliments about its services and staff to identify examples of excellence by individuals and groups within Council and to ensure best practice is celebrated and promoted. Staff who consistently demonstrate excellent customer service will be recognised through City of Ryde reward and recognition programs.


The City of Ryde Customer Feedback Policy include our Complaints Handling Process has been developed in accordance with the NSW Ombudsman’s Effective Complaint Handling Guidelines - 2nd Edition. You can therefore be confident your complaint will be handled professionally.

The City of Ryde defines a complaint as:

“An expression of dissatisfaction with Council’s level and quality of service, employee conduct, or the application of policies and procedures affecting an individual customer or group of customers.”

The following will not be registered as a complaint in the first instance; however they may be logged as valid complaints if Council has failed to respond appropriately to a request or a report:

  • An initial request for service.
  • A request for information or explanation of Council’s policies or procedures.
  • The lodging of an appeal or objection in accordance with legislative appeal provisions e.g. objection to a development application.
  • Decisions made by the elected Council.
  • Appeals against fines issued by Council officers.
  • Complaints about third parties e.g. reports concerning neighbours, a neighbour dispute.
  • Complaints relating to an issue that is the responsibility of another authority or service provider.


All complaints received by the City of Ryde are recorded in Council’s Record Management System. The keeping of accurate records on complaints will assist us in responding promptly and accurately to complainants.

Accurate records allow us to analyse and report trends. Specifically we will be looking to see whether issues are systemic or recurring to allow us to improve our processes and reduce future complaints. This may be through the use of corrective or preventative actions and innovative improvements.

How to provide feedback or lodge a complaint

Feedback (compliment, suggestion, and complaint) may be provided by letter, fax, email, verbally (in person or over the telephone) or by completing the feedback form on the website.

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In Person 
Customer Service Centre 
1 Pope Street, Ryde
Operating hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 5.00pm (note: second Thursday of each month hours are 10am - 5pm) 
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By Phone 
Customer Service Call Centre 
Phone: 9952 8222 
Operating hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 5.30pm
TTY Service: 9952 8470 

By Post 
All correspondence should be address to the General Manager 
Locked Bag 2069 
North Ryde NSW 1670  
Fax: 9952 8070